Chance Please!

<p>I made a chance thread on the main subforum but few people know about BS/MD programs there. Could a few people chance me for the PLME, Penn Stand, and Boston U. BS/MD programs.</p>

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<p>Thanks in Advance</p>

<p>D. was #1 in her HS class with the same ACT=33, was rejected from PPSP at Case before interview. PLME might be as selective. She got to 3 combined programs at state schools. College senior, who is very happy with her choice and in a process of applying to Med. Schools, but she got one spot at least and it gives her great peace of mind. Pre-meds around her are pretty panicky at this point. So, combined program was a right choice for her. Her program had 10 spots and they are not separated from general student body, any major / minor combo is allowed.</p>