chance please??

<p>white male, CT resident
school of 1300 rated among top 100 high schools in america
top 25%</p>

<p>gpa- 91 (3.7 i think)
sat- 630 (reading) 650 (math) 600 (writing) 1880
will retake in fall. hoping to get about 1950? </p>

<p>will have at graduation:
4 years of Eng
4 years of History
3 years of French (foreign lang)
4 years of Math
4 years of Science (3 are lab sciences)
4 years of Social Studies
4+ years of electives</p>

<p>in my junior year i took 3 ap courses.
AP US History- 4
AP Language and Composition- 4
AP Government and Politics- 3</p>

<p>in my senior year i plan to take
AP Statistics
AP European History
will graduate with 14 honors credits </p>

<p>roughly 15/20 hours of community service
member of Autism Awareness group at school
2 years of JV Crew
1 year of JV cross-country
latin honors society
language award for academic excellence while taking two languages simultaneously
published in Fine Line literary magazine
lead roles in school plays for 2 years in a row
great recommendation letters
have had a steady job for a full year (will be two by graduation) </p>

<p>please be honest whether i have a chance or not... :)</p>

<p>You really need closer to 1400 (math and verbal combined), so things don't look great right now. Have you taken SAT II's? Middlebury does offer the option of 3 SAT II's instead of the SAT I. But re-taking the SAT I can certainly make a difference. Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks, middlebury is a reach and i am retaking the sat.</p>

<p>Better have a back up plan-have you tried the ACT? Top 25% and a 91 aren't going to make the cut for your demographic either.
If theater is your thing, maybe look at Vassar? Not quite as uber-selective, and very theater-oriented.</p>