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<p>Another chance post... well here goes
I currently attend a small private school in nyc and I have a low gpa of 3.1 (no weighted grades) however my class rank is top 15%. I have an sat score of 1390/2000 and I am planning to take the math 2 and physics sat II. I have 500 hours of community service in a temple and 600 hours at a hospital. I have taken the strongest course load available ( I have pretty much taken every course asides from the languages). The courses I did well in were reflect a general love for PAM (economics, ap calc, etc.). I plan on early decisioning the college of human economics and I feel I am a fit for their policy analysis and management major (PAM). Eventually I would like to enrole in the SLoan 5 year Masters program (hence the hospital community service). I am an instate resident so I do not know how much of a role it would play in a NY state funded cornell school. I would really like a realistic chancing please feel free to be as brutal as you want in your assessment. I would in fact appreciate that. Also if someone were to answer the following it would also be greatly appreciated. What is the rough male to female ratio in PAM and Human Development. Also which of the two majors is larger?</p>

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<p>it's early decision so you never know what's going to happen.</p>