Chance Score wise Poor applicant

<p>Am an international with mediocre score and sub par sat scores. I would not have applied if not for the article in harvard website about valuing creativity with questions to adcoms about how harvard will choose introverts who in the long run go to be artists who in the long run will be remembered more.
Chance me.
Sat cr-640, writing 670, math 770,
grades 4As.
Sat subject 3 800s. Very poor ecs except school magazine 4 years
international but my country less competitive. Esp for sats.
I will send poems
but dont have much ecs in poems.</p>

<p>Is no one responding because i stand no chance and no one wants to be too rude?
I would apreciate any comment.
Thank you.</p>

<p>Your grades aren't as bad as you say. I'm no Harvard specialist, but doesn't it care more about SAT subject tests? Moreover, even for the regular SAT, you're at the 25th percentile- yes, 25% of students scored lower than you (I know that I'm including athletes/ whatever, but you get the point). What's your GPA? Also, where are you from? I don't believe you have a good chance (almost no one does), but you do have a chance. If you're from a particularly obscure country, you just get lucky....</p>

<p>I am from very less known country, among least developed and one of the poorest.
1 kid used to get in every two years but after 2 got in 2008, no one has got in till now.
Gpa is not calculated but my ranking is top 5-10%</p>

<p>You gave me the impression that you have awful scores: they aren't. Academically, you're qualified for all universities. Your class ranking is a little shy of the much coveted top 5%, but it's still good. Your subject tests are great, and your regular SAT is probably great for your region (i.e. applicant pool). You are worrying far too much about grades: you passed the grade threshold. However, I suggest taking the SAT one last time in January, if you are able to afford it both time and money wise. Try to get 700's in reading and writing (shouldn't be too difficult), and your grades will be top-notch. If you botch the test, just don't send the score! Raising your SAT scores will also help you with other schools. Don't obsess with getting a perfect mark, because after a certain number, no one cares. </p>

<p>While you might not get into Harvard (you do have a realistic chance), you'll probably get admitted to a great school- I'm confident about that.</p>