Chance some from PR?

<p>Hello! I'm a rising senior from Puerto Rico and I'm considering applying EA to Harvard. </p>

<p>School Type: Private, considered the best and most rigurous in PR
GPA: 4.17 W, around 3.89 UW
Class Rank: NA</p>

<p>AP's: Psychology (5), Human Geography (5), Spanish Language (5), French Language (4), USH (5)
Side Note: My school is very strict when it comes to taking AP's, I pretty much took all the non-science ones as they became available and my schedule allowed it.</p>

<p>Senior Year Courseload: Anatomy and Physiology, Puerto Rican History, AP Calc AB, AP Spanish Lit, AP English Lit, AP Euro, AP Economics (both, self study), considering AP Comp Gov (self study</p>

<p>Awards: not much :/. AP Scholar with Distinction (3+ in 5 AP's, no reason I wouldn't), National Merit Semifinalist (predicted), Presidential Scholar nominee (predicted). School awards for being the highest/second highest grade in the classes of World History (no AP offered, btw), Biology, Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP Human Geo. Outstanding Effort (lol) in AP French. Yeah, I know those school ones don't matter much.</p>

<p>Standardized Tests:
SAT: 2250 (650 M, 800 W, 800 CR)
ACT: Will take in October
SAT ii's: 700 Biology M, 750 World History, 800 Spanish. Will take both Maths and possibly Lit in October. </p>

1. Community Service Club: Pres 11 and 12, VP 10
2. United Way Student Chapter: Treasurer 12
3. Film Club: VP 11
4. Model UN: member since 8th, have gone to NAIMUN the past three years
5. Environmental Awareness Club: The moderator, who is my Bio teacher and will write a rec for me, is witness to how I've helped keep this alive despite not getting any positions.
6. Model Organization of American States: Member this year
7. Project H2O: Club dedicated to spreading awareness of water crisis, member since 9th (there's no board)
8. NHS: Up until now our chapter did nothing, but I spoke to the moderator and he has put me in charge of a tutoring project for the club.
9. Current Events: Discussion/debate club on, yeah, current events that I want to start. Any suggestion for a more catchy title would be welcome lol.</p>

<p>Summers: International Summer Program in St.Andrew's University, Scotland (2008); CTY Lafayette, course on US Supreme Court and cases (2009); Ecology Project International trip to the Galapagos (2010); The Oxford Tradition summer program, course on International Business (2010); CTY Civic Leadership Institute in Baltimore (2011); family trips to various countries in Europe, as well as Israel, Egypt and Jordan.</p>

<p>Congrats on your achievements to date. PR applicants are valued. I would think you have a better than average chance. Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>I would say that you would get into at least a couple ivies if you were not an international application. But being that you are, I'm not sure.</p>

<p>I love how nascent doesn't even know his own country</p>

<p>We're a territory <em>cough</em>colony<em>cough</em>. Depending on the entity, Puerto Rico is sometimes considered as international. For college purposes, I don't think it is, given that we're eligible for Federal Aid.</p>

<p>Doener, maybe you should read my comment again. I never said Puerto Rico was a separate country from the U.S. I said that Puerto Ricans are considered international applicants. I might be wrong.</p>

<p>Applicants from puerto rico are not considered internationals because puerto Rico is not a sovereign country and all puerto ricans are us citizens.</p>