Chance someone with 0 EC!

<p>Hi, these are the stats for my friend, if you guys could please chance her. I already applied EA, and we both want to go to the school together. I don't know how much EC's will affect her chances.</p>

<p>SAT: 2000
SAT II: Spanish 740
Biology 700
GPA: 3.8
EC: zero, maybe a member in a club or two
Applying RD to LSA
Out of State</p>

<p>not very. michigan is huge on a super well rounded person, and she has no ec</p>

<p>Well just like your EC count, 0 CHANCE!</p>

<p>Woww okay lol. My sibling goes to the school , and was accepted with a lower SAT and GPA, but he did have a lot of EC's. I didn't know they were so important.</p>

<p>OP what does your friend do for "fun." Hard to believe that there isn't anything your friend does outside of going to high school. That's what "EC" means. It doesn't have to be a school club or a school sports team. It is what a person does when they aren't in class. It could be a job, a hobby, or something church related, or a volunteer at the local library, it could be painting or keeping a journal or writing poetry for fun..... it could be something crazy like trying to break a Guiness record....EC is simply shorthand for those activities and interests that make a student multi-dimensional and more than some numbers on a transcript which is important but not everything. Your friend should think about those things when they put the application together. My best advice to everyone is not to let the common app "pigeon hole" you (for lack of a better idiom.)</p>

<p>Okay, sorry, I was being an a**. But, just apply and let destiny take its course.</p>

<p>BEST OF LUCK!!!</p>

<p>OOS? </p>


<p>Your relatively low SAT and GPA won't help your case much, if they were above average I'd chance you higher. I had a similar situation (Only ECs were sports, although I did have leadership positions) but was in state with a higher GPA and ACT/SAT, so I guess I'd put you at a mid-reach.</p>

<p>How do you go through high school with NO ec's?</p>

<p>She's really shy so leadership positions are impossible for her, she didn't join any clubs (no excuse for that), and she doesn't play sports.</p>

<p>My sibling got in with the same SAT and GPA, but had a ton of EC's.</p>