Chance This Guy!

<p>Okay, I’m looking at Ohio State and I filled out my app yesterday.
I’m out of state and white. 1240 SAT, 1880 with writing. (I’m retaking it in a week just to see, but my current score seems decent enough) ~3.2GPA UW (my schools weighs funny, so I wont list it, but I have taken all available Pre-AP/AP classes).
President of youth group, a little community service (not a lot), put guitar as my hobby. I also would really need the National Buckeye Scholarship for non-Ohio residents, taking off $7200/year. It says it requires a 1220 SAT so I should be good, will I probably get it? (says awarded on a competitive basis). Also are there any other scholarships I would get? It seems Ohio State is the best University I can get into. I also have a grandma who attended. I’m middle class, and NOT a first generation college student. I am optimistic about my chances. What do you guys think!!!

<p>You should get in. (not sure what else to say)</p>

<p>^thanks!!!!!! Man, I am so excited. Do you think I will get the National Buckeye Scholarship too?</p>