Chance this indian kid


<p>10th boards IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
: 5A*s 1A 1B</p>

<p>Academic record : im an international student, so don't really have a GPA- but my grades are considered excellent</p>

<p>SAT: 1st attempt 1920
2nd attempt: 1960 maths- 730
reading- 570
writing- 660</p>

<p>Giving SAT 2's maths 2c and physics in 2 days - expecting 730-800 (I don't know why my scores keep fluctuating in practice tests)</p>

<p>Interested in Mechanical Engineering (undergrad) in the US and other places</p>

<p>Universities listed: UC Berkeley
U Michigan Ann Arbor
U Illinois Urbana Champaign
Georgia Tech
U Texas Austin</p>


<p>Head Boy of the School (equivalent to class president i think)
Tennis coaching 3 yrs- just a hobby, not really good at it
IMO: 90.35 percentile score
International Space settlement design competition - hosted by NASA (participation)
Participated in a major school play as a leading character
won a few competitions:
in Maths, debates, declamations, etc.</p>

<p>Selected by the school to attend the Global Youth Leader's conference (will attend shortly) in New York, Washington.
Assisted blind students (of the National Association for the visually impaired) in writing exam papers.

<p>Namaste bhai, lol</p>

<p>All around, you seem like a pretty good canidate. Though your SAT's are a tad low for UC Berkeley and even AnnArbor, you're gonna need a 2100+, esp. 2200+ for Berkeley. </p>

<p>Head boy? Do you mean your top your class? Or is that some sort of elected officer with specific duties. While your in India, consider starting some organizations and clubs. Become president in them and gain some publicity, and that's sure to be a hit here.
Include in your essays about how working with ur dad on your car (or I guess scooter in India lol) really interested you in mechanics and the fundamentals of engineering, and how you'd love to follow your passion. Use engineering/science related EC's to back it up, but mention your other EC's as they're good.</p>

<p>As long as your not applying for financial aid... looks like solid chances for Ann Arbor, it's a tough for Berkeley but thats everyone. Consider other schools like Cornell and Columbia engineering, once you get atleast 2100-2200+ on SAT's atleast.</p>

<p>I know the SAT's are low - but I just can't give it again coz i got my board exams coming up - A lvls (something like IB)</p>

<p>'Head Boy' is equivalent to 'class president' of american high schools -(the highest position in a student council)</p>

<p>I'm not actually sure abt mech engineering (it sounds typical of indian students) but I will probably change my major if I don't like it. I'm crazy about architecture, but chose mech eng coz its safe as a decision.</p>

<p>And bhai, cornell and columbia is out of my league coz i wont be able to raise those SAT scores coz I don't have the time for it.</p>

<p>PS - Cars are pretty common in India (I have no idea how you thought of scooters) LOL</p>