Chance this Potentate

<p>Character: Prince of a state searching for justice</p>

<p>Essay shows modesty and humbleness; a leader who is burdened by the concerns of his people, aware of the issues they face, and shows good ideas on what needs to be done. Shows concern about the injustices committed against his people, contains suggestions on how to lead them and also how coming to a place like xyz university will help him to do so.
In the second essay he has shown personal development, realization, love for his homeland and his future plans. </p>

Music band
National Swimming team and training (international swim meets)
1 year of internship in Law firm
research on the political system of his country
1 year of internship in an event management firm
Visiting tribal areas to solve issues
Social work
creative writing

4.0 gpa
6 AP subjects
knows six different languages
has done both the British curriculum (O-level) studies and the american</p>

<p>SAT 2: taken in dec (result on jan 7th) expected (700+ on each subject)
SAT 1: To be taken in Jan (expected 2100+)</p>

(on political system)</p>