Chance Thread class of 2020 EA or RD

the season is kicking off again, adrenaline shooting, CA excitements and… the anxiety while awaits for the Admission decision…

Many of you will want to know your chance before/while you prepare your CA and probably will ask CC to chance you.

Gibby, senior member of CC, has a thread that covers everything you need to know about your chance. Here is the Link, (BTW, do not hijack Gibby’s thread, just read.)

Regardless who you are (URM or not), to be a quality applicant to elite colleges in the nation, you need:
GPA u/w 3.80+
ACT 33+
SAT 2200+
Leadership ECs

To distinguish yourself from the pack of Elite candidates with the above mention stats or better (or perfect), you need:
Genuine breath taking Essays
Exceptional Rec Letters
Good Interview report

Important thing to know:

  1. once you have the Scores that qualifies you, you should start to focus on your Essays and Rec Letters
  2. don’t try to better your 33 ACT or 2200 SAT. If you think by scoring higher will help your chance, you probably lost your way already
  3. your Essays, Rec Letters and Interview report are 3 ways to tell AO who you are. without them you are JUST an Applicant with Stats. This THE Battleground!!!

And if you are borderline on stats and believe that you have a chance, I encourage you to apply with Good Essays and Rec Letters. They better be darn GOOD!

APPLY with Confidence!


I agree with everything said here, as I also believe chance threads are premature and pointless. However the one thing I don’t agree with you is your stance toward being competitive and scores. While it is true that most students who get accepted into Ivy League schools have 33+, there is still a chance to get in with a 29-32 or 1900-2100. It all depends on what you have in other areas of your resume. But anyway I never really appreciated the people on here that lower kids confidence on chance threads

@RoadtotheIvies98 now days, lots of students focus on the gpa and test score way too much. The referenced range of scores is just a guideline to applicants that if he/she is within the range no need trying to better scores they already have.

my intend is to encourage people to apply regardless of his/her scores. Just apply with good genuine essays and rec letters.

Of course, there were exceptions and exception will always be there.

Just apply, if you think you have a shot!

@CollegeEducation This is so true. You apply bc you never know, anything is possible when it comes to holistic admission.