Chance Thread- Rutgers

<p>Hello, I am expecting to apply to Rutgers School of business in new brunswick. I really hope to get in, but I'm still worried that I wont because of it's competitive nature
my stats:
3.48 gpa( going to be around a 4.0 by the end of semester because of 3 AP classes and all honors)
1680 SAT
Peer leader
Varsity soccer, wrestler, and swimmer
National spanish honors society
Math club
NJ resident.
Boys state nominee
kean reach high academy nominee</p>

<p>What else do I need to do to solidify my spot??</p>

<p>You're in.</p>

<p>You prob will not get into the business school at Rutgers with that SAT score your best bet would be to apply to the environmental science school.</p>

<p>Why the environmental science school in particular? and what i'm planning to score an 1850 in october. what about then?</p>