chance thread!!!!


Major: computer science
Indian American
Gender- Female

GPA - 3.93 uw 4.36 w
SAT - 560 CR, 620 M, 630 W (superscored, it sucks but i can’t change them now)

Classes: i took all honor courses through out my highschool career.
10th- preclac at University of Hartford
11th- ECE english, Visual basic at University of Hartford
12th- ECE marine science, calc at University of Hartford, calc 2 (2nd semester) and english (2nd semester) at univeristy of hartford

My problem is that everyone takes the honor courses in my school (like they don’t have a choice). Would this hurt me since colleges looks at me in comparative to the people in my own school?

-Stage manager for the Fashion/Talent show ( 3 years including this year if all goes well)
-Yearbook (2 years)
-book club (1 year)
-dance (outside of school 3 years)
-head choreographer ( 3 years) different from the dance above
-volunteered around 150 hours
-Nriva ct event organizer

  • i learned to play the piano on my own. been playing it since 9th grade.

I got the calculus my junior year.
I am being published at the moment. It is still in the process but should be finished by the end of this month or next. However, a lot of other people also got published from my school so i don’t know if this will actually help me.
high honors award (got it every marking period every single year)

Recommendations: i have 3 recommendations.

My essay killer! hopefully

chance me for

  • University of Connecticut (in-state)
    -central Connecticut state university (in-state)
    -University of Massachusetts Amherst (out of state)
    -University of hartford
    -Rochester Institute of Technology
    -New jersey Institute of Technology


Mediocre test score, rejected by all. Try community college.

did you actually read my thing cause i am pretty sure i would get into some of the safety schools i put into on there @TomSrOfBoston

No AP classes? Retake the SAT and try if you can to get into some AP classes. If you got almost all A’s in Honors courses colleges will wonder why you did not challenge yourself and take AP classes or the alternatives.

Actually, my school only offers 1 ap class, which i could not take because of a scheduling issue. the rest are ECE classes and Univerisity of Hartford classes which are equivalent to AP classes. I tried to take as many as i can of those @FinelyAgedPruno

@peoples yeah I read it. My post was in retaliation for your misleading click bait title, which a moderator changed.

Oh wow! Congrats! And yes…you are definitely fine for the schools you listed. Definitely a fine fit for all. Apply for some reach schools, those seem to be target. Good luck! (Ignore the guy who said you had mediocre test scores-they’re fine!..above the national average too!)

ahhh lol @TomSrOfBoston