Chance Thread!

<p>CA resident</p>


<p>White male.
Small Private high School, so no class rank
GPA: 4.25 (weighted)
SAT: 2150 (740 M, 700 CR, 710 W) Only 1 test. Retaking in Nov.
SAT2: US History 740, Math2C: 710, LIT 680
APs: 5 English Language, 4 Latin Lit, 4 Us History (took test for all AP classes)
Current APs: Calc BC, English Lit, Bio (Basically all I could take unless I took another year of latin, or added in stats/comp sci/another science)
Unless you consider what I have listed above, I took basically the toughest classes I could take.</p>

<p>The (Insert Alumni Name Here) Award for Outstanding Character.
Various honor rolls/headmaster pin things. </p>

<p>9 out of 12 seasons doing a sport. (5 seasons varsity)
President of 2 clubs.
ASB treasurer.
3 years mock trial, team captain.
Leading a project that will raise $30-$40,000 for charity
4 years of active church involvement.
Co-Editor of yearbook
Lots of involvement on other commitees (Honor code, peer tutor, literary mag)
3 years internship as the only high school kid among college kids, including a Head intern position for next summer.
4 years band (highest one at school)/1st chair all 4 years</p>

<p>NYU,Penn,Darmouth,Northwestern,Lehigh,Carnagie-Mel, Michigan,Georgetown
-All RD.</p>