Chance to transfer to au?

<p>2.6 gpa college sophomore at small liberal arts college looking to transfer</p>

<p>iv had 2 summer internships/jobs doing accounting for a a small business
and worked for 4 summers/spring breaks at and orphanage in a 3rd world country </p>

<p>also im hispanic </p>

<p>not asking for financial aid.</p>

<p>got about 3 really good recommendation letters.</p>

<p>Loyola university-chicago (school of liberal arts)
depaul university (school of liberal arts)
american university
pace university</p>

<p>Check out AU's Academic Data Reference Book - it provides more info on admissions than most schools provide. Tables 30 and 30A should have much of the data you're looking for.</p>

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<p>Thanks. But, i was looking for more specifics like GPA</p>

<p>I am curious if you ended up applying and getting into specifically American University because I am currently interested in transferring to AU and I am wondering about my chances of getting in.</p>