Chance UMich CoE

D is applying EA. In-State.
UW GPA: 3.91 (2 B’s for AP Lang, 1 B+ for health, all A’s the rest)
Decent amount of AP courses. Students typically start AP classes in 11th grade except APUSH which is offered in 10th grade (D did not take).
Junior year: AP Calculus BC (4, 5 AB subscore), AP chemistry (4), AP microeconomics(4), AP English Language and Composition (3)
Senior year: AP Computer Science Principle, AP Physics C Mechanics, AP German Language, AP macroeconomics, Engineering Design
EC: community service 2hr/week since 10th grade (math related), high school band (4 years) marching band (2 years), paid work (12th).
Intended major: Mechanical Engineering. Interested in Computer Science, Engineering Physics.

Already accepted to MSU.

Forgot to mention. SAT: 740 RW, 750 Math.

Things look good. MSU has a good program BTW, you should of been accepted to their honors program and a nice backup strategy. Since your instate is your school a feeder school and what is their success at getting students accepted to Michigan LSA and engineering?
As you know Michigan has gotten harder each year even with instate. Good Luck and Go Blue.

Thank you for your reply. A couple of years ago, half of the students in her school applied for Michigan among which about 50% got accepted. I don’t know the split between LSA and engineering.

That seems like a lot but I will go with it as the idea your a feeder school to Michigan. Talk to her high school advisor for more information on that.