Chance UMich, UTex, PennSt, USC, UM.. Soph Transfer.

<p>Hello all! I would appreciate any help looking at my odds for this.</p>

<p>Im looking at Fall 2012 transfer to **UTex, UMich, USC, PennSt, UMiami **from a California community college. Will be **transferring as a sophomore and undecided on major<a href="Aiming%20for%20business%20but%20not%20an%20option%20because%20of%20prereqs%20right%20now.%20Switching%20after%20first%20year%20attending">/B</a></p>

<p>GPA: 3.84-3.91+ Just being conservative in the off chance I get a B. Not looking like it though. + if my college success class doesn't transfer. Got a divorce and grades suffered during that semester.</p>

<p>SAT/ACT: None. Graduated HS in 05 without taking. Terrible student in HS and joined the Army after. Realized a few years ago that I wanted to pursue education.</p>

<p>Units Completed: 42 All courses are UC transferable with most satisfying GE reqs.</p>

<p>EC: Nothing crazy. Varsity track all 4 years (went to state meets) and football for 3 years(lead the league in rushing) as well as rugby for a club. Graduated honors in Basic Training and AIT (soldier of the cycle, top physical training score, top AIT test scores and platoon leader throughout). Currently volunteer at YMCA.</p>

<p>Work Exp: Worked at a dealership during HS. Sold cars at two top grossing dealerships for 1 1/2 years. Frost desk/sales for a gym 2 years. Worked at a commercial real estate company doing various jobs as well and mortgage company for a total of 1 1/2 years. Certified helicopter mechanic for Army for 4 years.</p>

<p>Also applying to UGeorgia, UArizona, UWashington, and Ohio State.
Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Bump. Chance if you can please.</p>

<p>Chance if you would please.</p>


<p>You will have completed 42 credits by the time you transfer or around 60? And regarding your GPA, is that what you estimate you will have after this semester and what colleges will see when you transfer?</p>

<p>42 credits completed by the time I transfer. Currently have a 3.87 and with next semesters courses I anticipate A's which would give me a 3.918. Thank you for responding.</p>

<p>Also applying to UVA.</p>

<p>Well you are a nontraditional student so evaluating you is different from other transfers. I think with your GPA, you should be fine for your targets. Because UVA and Michigan are the most selective schools you are applying to, I'm simply going to chance you for those because I believe you can get into to them and it would be rather pointless to chance you on your less selective schools in this case. I know of a few transfers to Michigan that have essentially the same background as you. Joined the army after getting less than stellar grades in high school and after leaving, deciding to attend college. Some of them attended community colleges as well and did just about as well as you did in terms of GPA. They had more credits than you however. Basically for transfer admissions, GPA and credits are what matters, so your ECs and essays will take a secondary importance to GPA. Of course with your EC being the army, you shouldn't have a problem there at all. I think you should be fine for all of your targets as long as you keep that GPA up. Good luck and hopefully you decide to attend Michigan, Go Blue!</p>

<p>I appreciate you taking the time to evaluate my chances. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope that I have the chance to attend Michigan!</p>