Chance with less than stellar APs

<p>Hmm...i've never posted on this site before but it seems interesting. anyway i was wondering how my chances are with these scores</p>

<p>top 5% of class in competitive high school in MA
4.18 weighted, 3.9 sumthing unweighted
SAT- 750V, 800M (2nd try)
SAT II- 790IIC, 750Latin(2nd try), 750BiologyM(2nd try), 720 History, 770Writing, 660World History =/</p>

<p> been on varisty soccer for the past two years, and i've been a member of the massachusetts all state orchestra for the past two years
i think ive got enuff community service and enough clubs and stuff...(Science Olympiad Team, School Newspaper, blah blah blah...)</p>

<p>anyway its all going well except liek my AP scores...i mean i took World History in sophmore year and Writing, Bio, Latin, and US History. I'm think im taking 5 more this year...</p>

<p>anyway, ive gotten a 4 on every single AP! wth...i was really disappointed when i got my scores...ive usually done well in school in my AP courses, and i always feel like ive aced the tests, but then i see a string of 4s...not 1 5 =/</p>

<p>So i was wondering if, even with less than great AP scores, i could get into some ivies. i've been told that colleges consider AP scores even more than SATII scores sometimes...o well</p>

<p>I'm looking at Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Stanford, UChicago, Washington Univ., Johns Hopkins, Boston University, UPenn, Duke. BU's a pretty sure im alrite there...</p>

<p>so what do u guys think? sry was the long post. thanks</p>

<p>I think youll be fine...some ivies want students whove gotten a 4 or better on their, with your excellent resume, good grades & excellent SAT scores, youll do just fine. You seem pretty well rounded, which is a good thing.</p>

<p>thanks for the reply</p>