<p>Chance me?
Is this the right range of school to be looking at?
Any other suggestions?</p>



<li>SAT I : CR:740, M:680, W:730 (taking again, will probably raise math. 80-72-80 on PSAT)</li>
<li>SAT II: Bio-M:750, US History: 800, Literature: 730</li>
<li>Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): ~3.67</li>
<li>Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): No class rank/percentile available.</li>
<li>AP's : US History (5), Psych (5), European History (4), Biology (5), Government (5), Macroeconomics (4), World History (5), English Lit. (5)</li>
<li>Senior Year Course Load: AP Gov, AP Macro, AP English, AP World, Honors Physics, Calculus</li>
<li>Major Awards : National Merit Finalist, AP Scholar, National Latin Exam medalist (4 years), 1st Place at state science fair (3 years) </li>


Model UN, 9th-12th grade (10th: Secretary, 11th: VP, 12th: President)
Mock Trial, 11th-12th
Debate Team, 9th-12th (12th: Co-president)
Philosophy Club, 11th-12th (founder and co-president)
Science Fair, 10th-12th
History Club, 10th-12th (11th: Secretary, 12th: VP)
Latin Club: 9th-12th
Ice hockey, JV 9th-10th, Varsity 11th-12th</li>
<li>Job/Work Experience: Waiter at nursing home (1 summer), clerk at USAID (1 summer)</li>
<li>Volunteer/Community service:
Fellow in year-long selective leadership/activism program including meeting with politicians, volunteer work, etc.
~100 hrs at various (food bank, library, hospital)</li>
<li>Summer Activities: Summer program at Brandeis (9th), Working in nursing home (10th), USAID clerk (11th)... Possible UN internship 12th</li>
<li>Essays: Good, I think</li>
<li>Teacher Recommendation: Probably both good</li>
<li>Counselor Rec: Very good</li>
<li>Additional Rec: VERY good (MUN sponsor)</li>


<li>State (if domestic applicant): Pennsylvania</li>
<li>School Type: Public, very competitive, suburban</li>
<li>Ethnicity: White</li>
<li>Gender: Male
*Income bracket: high
*Hook: legacy at Princeton...</li>

<p>Tufts looks like a good match - keeping in mind that with Tuft's acceptance rate it is basically a reach for everyone. Hard to suggest other schools without knowing why Tufts is on your list. If you like international relations and politics which your ECs suggest - you might want to look at Johns Hopkins, Brandeis, Georgetown, George Washington, and for a safety and merit dollars American.</p>