<p>Do I have a chance? I've been wanting to attend Harvard since I was 5 and I just early nervous o.o </p>

<p>GPA: weighted: 4.77 unweighted: 3.9
African American
SAT: 2090
ACT: 30
ExtraCurrics: Music Program 4 years; Drum Major; Woodwind Lieutenant; Oboe, Alto Sax
MUN 4 years; on Secretariat 2 years
Human Rights Clubs
Volunteering: have over 500 hours
Shadowed at a vet to gain surgical experience (I want to be a surgeon)
Other: Dad attended Harvard Business
Traveled 10 different countries
Mom was born and raised in Malaysia, so I'm half Malaysian
Major: Women's and Gender Studies with Pre-Med</p>

<p>All AP/Honors classes, IB Diploma Candidate, NHS, German National Honors Society, Tri-M Music Honors society, National Achievement Semi-Finalist</p>