<p>Chance me, please?</p>

<p>SAT I- CR: 720, W: 650, M: 490 (First take)</p>

<p>-Attended public school for 9th and 10th, private school for 11th and 12th
-My grades have suffered as a result of my struggle with depression but I'm overcoming it.
-Immigrant father, divorced parents, low-income mother </p>

Honors Ancient History: B+
Honors English 9: B
Spanish 2: A
Algebra 1: A-
Fashion Design: B</p>

Honors Civics/Honors Modern World History: B+/B
Honors English 10: A-
Honors Geometry: C-
Honors Spanish 3: B
Honors Biology: B+</p>

Honors English: C+
U.S History: C-
Spanish 2: B
Algebra 2: C-
Theater: A
Concert Choir: A
Chemistry: C</p>

<p>12th: [so far]
Spanish 3: A-
Pre-Calculus: B+
Advanced Theater: A
Art History/International Relations: B+/___
Marine Biology: A-
Nature Writing/Poetry and Playwriting: B/__</p>

<p>Volunteer as an English tutor to mostly Spanish-speaking immigrants (12th)
Co-Leader, Isadora Duncan-style dance group at school (11th, 12th)
Founder of feminist group and zine, blogger for state's legal fund for women (12th)
Singer in two bands (12th)
Lead in numerous school drama productions (11th, 12th)
Won a school-wide Shakespeare monologue contest & competed in regional contest (11th) [will compete again this year]
Honorable mention in a national poetry contest (11th)
Worked with autistic children for one school year (10th)
Unpaid intern, television production company (9th)
Unpaid intern, city's department of waste/recycling (10th)
Founder and President of environmental club (9th)</p>

<p>I think you are in with near certainty. Not so sure what sort of finanical aid package (merit) you will be offered.</p>