<p>Looking to get in to the University of Kansas</p>

<p>Atmospheric Science</p>

<p>3.3/4.0 GPA
Top 30% of Class
Out of State
SAT 1000 in Critical Reading and Math
Many Honors courses and 1 AP
EC's are good.</p>


<p>The acceptance rate is 91% haha your in. :) </p>

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<p>Thanks- I am worried because I am out of state and my SAT's are lower than their requirements. However, I meet the other 2 and their website states OR as opposed to AND which would mean you need to meet all 3.</p>

<p>I heard as long as you have 2 you can get in. I think you can get it! :) I've been researching that school a lot latley and I really wanna go there. To bad I'm a soph ha! So i have to wait junior year to take the ACT and SAT, but anyway ...Good luck! :)</p>

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<p>Thanks All- Just got my acceptance in. Good luck Soccer 1520. With the research i have done so far it looks like a great campus and curriculum.</p>

<p>It's definitely an OR, not an AND on the KU requirements. I think they're pretty straightforward about admissions. Congrats on your acceptance, and I hope you'll be a Jayhawk in the fall, Weather12. Rock Chalk!</p>

<p>Thanks xtrasparklsplz- I am waiting on Universtity of Oklahoma and Millersville but 90% sure I will be going to Kansas. I love the atmosphere and campus!</p>

<p>To be honest, I didn't do extremely well in High School and I regret it everyday. I did not take the SAT/ACT and my overall grade point average was 2.5. I graduated in June, 2011 and I'm attending El Camino College this spring but won't have enough transfer credits by this fall (I would love to be able to start this fall at KU). I was wondering if there is any chance I could still be admitted to the University of Kansas? Although I had an overall average of 2.5, they weren't the toughest classes. I did get a couple D's in high school also. On the brighter side I would be majoring in Music. I have taken choir all four years of high school, and I was apart of the Choir Club too. I also joined the Animal Rights Club my Junior year along with Foreign Film Club. I got straight A's in choir plus I did two years in dance with excellent grades. In school, I won "Most Likely To Win American Idol" and I study opera and classical piano. One of my biggest hobbies is photography, and I am willing to bet I can take some of the best pictures you have ever seen from anyone my age. As you can see, I'm very involved with the Arts and was wondering since I'm majoring in the Arts, if it would help increase my chances of getting accepted. I'm from Manhattan Beach, California and my town is located in Los Angeles. My high school, Mira Costa is the top school in California. I love the outdoors and I want to experience a new world outside my original state. I am willing to work hard for what I want, and I now know this because I watched all my friends go off to college and leave me here alone in this same town I've been my whole life. I'm ready to exceed and push for what I want, and this university stands out to me unlike any other because of how beautiful it is. Please help me with tips and guidelines. I want to be accepted, but afraid I don't have enough high-quality test scores and grades. Though I don't have outstanding academics, I know I'll bring something artistic and different to Kansas. A new perspective from a girl who was raised in the big city of Los Angeles. I'm willing to still take the SAT or ACT if it's REQUIRED to even be accepted in the first place. And I'm willing to send letter of recommendations from my high school counselor and teachers. </p>

<p>Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope to here back with advice.</p>

<p>You should check out this website if you're going to be entering KU with >60 credits of college credit: How</a> transfer students apply to KU - KU Admissions</p>

<p>If you haven't taken the ACT or SAT, and are already enrolled in a community college, I really don't think you'll have to take either. If you ranked in the top-third of your graduating high school class or received a >2.5 GPA in the Kansas "qualified admissions curriculum" which you should be able to find on the KS Board of Regents website, you will be accepted to KU. The qualified admissions curriculum means taking English, math, science, and social studies classes in high school as well as a year of computer or technology classes, I believe. Otherwise, you might have a better chance taking a year or two at your local community college before trying to transfer into KU. You're going to have to have a GPA higher than a 3.0, so I'd start kicking it into gear, and then start worrying about the entrance auditions for the School of Music. I'm sorry if none of this is really specific, but I'm really not sure about transfer admissions OR about School of Music requirements.</p>


<p>If you transfer here to KU with more than 24 credit hours from El Camino, you don't need SAT or ACT scores. But if you haven't seen the campus yet, keep in mind that KU isn't exactly "small town Kansas". :) Lawrence is a VERY artistic smaller city, and it's the complete opposite of what people imagine when they think of Kansas (flat farmland and cowboys)</p>

<p>Definitely, @confused1269. It's very artsy, borderline hippie/hipster, IMO, but a great town to live in or go to school in.</p>