<p>Hello! I am a junior in highschool looking at Oberlin. I would appreciate your help. Thank you so much!! I am also being recruited for tennis here.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.6 (A- at my school) UW
ACT: 32
SAThaven't taken yet)</p>

<p>Classes: All honors classes except for AP English and AP History</p>

<p>Clubs: Ambassador (President)
School Store Intern
Debate Club
Varsity Tennis (Captain)
National Junior Honor Society</p>

<p>Service: Single-handedly organized a doll drive for Dominican Republic, single-handedly planned a charity ball for Dominican Republic, service trips to South Africa and Dominican Republic, Special Olympics Volunteer</p>

<p>Job Experience: Counselor at a summer camp, campaign intern for a senator, assistant at a prestigious coalition </p>

<p>Sports: Regionally ranked in the Mid-Atlantic Tennis Association: Girls 14's: 13, Girls 16's: 45, Girls 18's: 20</p>

<p>Awards- Young Woman of the Year Award, Country Club Championships Champion, Girls Varsity Tennis Champion for PVAC (the league) (3 years), Girls Varsity Tennis MVP for PVAC(3 years) Girls Varsity Tennis Player of the Year for PVAC (2 years)</p>

<p>The only informed answer:
Oberlin</a> Blogs | Blog Entry: "What are my chances?"</p>