<p>I greatly appreciate any input on my chances of getting into vassar</p>

<p>Asian Muslim Male
Born in Bangladesh: came to to america 7 years ago </p>

<p>Fairly competitive public school right near vassar actually(i live two minutes from vassar)
class rank 29/785 Gpa- weighted is 102.1 highest in class is 108 unweighted- Dont know
sat score- single highest 2170 M-800CR-670 Writing-700
Sat 2 - Math 2 -790 Us history- 740 Physics- 720 Biology(freshmen year)- 650
Aps- 5 us history; 4 on Ap physics C on both parts; 4 on English lang
Current aps- Calc bc; statistics; micro economics; comparative gov't; ap biology; ap chemistry; ap english lit- mid to high 90's on all subjects </p>

<p>Ecs- Laundry list of ecs but nothing special( im worried about this it may come out that im not passionate about anything but thats only because i still havent figured out what i wanna do in life lol) Actually i love math and was in math league for all 4 years and went vassar for various math competitions
Essay- preety good; mention the fact that i didnt learn english until 7 years ago but wasnt the focus of the essay...</p>

<p>Why vassar essay- still havent written it but writing it as i am typing this </p>

<p>My concerns- im weak at english compared to science and math and since vassar is so big on the arts and humanities im worried i wont be the typical accepted applicant. Also my ecs are the strongest. </p>

<p>My questions- Should i apply early decision? will it help my chances of getting in; vassar is my first choice right now but im a little worried about financial aid and kind of wanna see what other schools will offer me. But at the same time i fear getting rejected rd and missing out on goin to an amazing school like vassar. Also i feel that my ranking will improve to top 20 out 785 by mid year due to 7 aps right now. And my gpa should go up dramatically. Again any input will be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>I personally feel you're in fantastic shape, overall. Applying ED might help a bit (this isn't proven), but I think I agree that you should go for RD instead because you need financial aid. Vassar is known to be generous; however, it's probably a good idea to shop around and see all your financial aid options instead of "putting all your eggs in one basket," so to speak.</p>

<p>First of all, your stats. Your class rank is excellent, and I would assume your unweighted GPA is at least a 3.7 (which is the average for accepted students). In addition your SAT IIs are all very strong. I see what you mean about "appearing weaker in English" on your SAT I score; however, I actually think your lopsidedness might help you. As you mentioned, Vassar students, on average, tend to "do better" in the arts and humanities (verbal and writing on the SAT I). Because you are more biased towards the science and math side of things, you might stand out a bit more than someone with, say, an 800 on the Critical Reading section. I don't know this for sure, but would imagine that the school sees a lot less students with 800s on Math than with 800s on Critical Reading & Writing. In addition, there currently seems to be a bit of a movement on campus to breathe more life into some of the traditionally less-well-known departments on campus... a student who's clearly as interested in mathematics as you are would certainly help with this.</p>

<p>In regards to your comments about your extracurriculars... I really wouldn't worry too much. Admissions officers understand that not everyone is a nationally ranked horse back rider or a pianist whose performed multiple times at Carnegie Hall. As long as you have a few things you've done consistently, I'd say you're in pretty good shape. To this end, be sure your passion for math and math league shines through on your application.</p>

<p>Overall, I would say that Vassar is a good fit for you. In particular, the fact that you're so strong in mathematics and the sciences, I feel, will help your application a good deal. Hope this helps!</p>

<p>thanks so much for your help i trully appreciate it .... hey just curious do u remember what u did for your space thing on the app... i have a good idea that i was hoping i could run trough with a current student such as ur self... i could pm it to u if u wish... also do u think its a good idea to write about all the times ive been to vassar even the times when i shouldnt have been for example i usually run there just because its so beautiful and calm and i play tennis at the courts even though tecnically im not supposed to? Also i know a professor at vassar preety well (friend's father and was a guest speaker at one of the math competition at vassar) ... do u think i should mention my experiences with him in my why vassar essay... im just asking cause i dont want adcom to think that im trying to play up my "connections" if they are connections at all.</p>

<p>I actually left my Your Space part of the application blank (I'm proof that you don't need a Your Space to get into Vassar :)). That being said, I would be happy to give you my thoughts on your plans for the section, if you want to PM it to me. </p>

<p>As for your question about mentioning all the times you've been to Vassar in your "why Vassar" essay... well, I feel like it could work. It would certainly be a unique essay. That being said, you do want to be careful that you don't adopt a tone in the essay of sounding like you're trying too hard to play up your affinity to the school. You can certainly mention that you've talked with a math professor and gained a greater appreciation for the school and what it means to be a Vassar student because of this; however, you want to make sure that your "Why Vassar" essay doesn't turn into a "Professor so-and-so said I'd be a great fit for Vassar" sort of piece. Be sure to stress in the essay what about being on the Vassar campus and talking with a Vassar professor has led you to have such a strong interest in the school... don't just tell them you've had these interactions, explain why they've made you feel Vassar is the place for you.</p>