<p>I think I have good numbers...but I'm not sure if I have a chance b/c I think my essays and rec's are not as good as they could be. Doesn't Wes place a lot of emphasis on those? After lots of going back and forth, decided to apply EDII</p>

<p>Public school in suburban Boston
Combined Best Score (with 2 sittings): CR: 730 Math: 750 Writing: 800---so 2280 best combined, 2250 best in one sitting
GPA: weighted is 5.4 out of 5.7 at my school, so in top %
SAT II: Chemistry 800, Biology 710
AP's: English Lit, English Lang, Spanish Lang, Chemistry, US History, Calculus B/C
Essay: ok/average, pretty generic, about how volunteering has helped me open up to a diverse group of people
Alumni interview-I think it went well, but not sure b/c I barely had the chance to talk about myself, just asked a bunch of ?s about Wes and she talked a lasted 2 hrs!</p>

Some voluntering
Science olympiad
Editor of newspaper
Writer for lit magazine
Homework help/tutoring
Band-1st chair trumpet
Work 20 hrs/ week as cashier
National merit semifinalist</p>

<p>Also, I would need a substantial amount of financial IDK if that helps/hurts me in any way
Ethinicity: white</p>

<p>with those stats i seriously couldn't see how you don't have a really good chance. plus you have good EC's.</p>

<p>You don't have to worry about your stats. A generic essay may not be the best idea though...
And Wesleyan's need-blind, so they won't take your financial situation into consideration during the evaluation period. Good luck!</p>

<p>I agree -- I think if you had a unique essay you'd have a really good chance.</p>

<p>I'd say you're a very strong candidate- strong test scores.</p>

<p>You stats are great, and your ECs are good too, so you def. have a shot. However, the fact that both your ECs and Recs are only ok/average would def. make Wes more of a reach than it otherwise would be, because it might make you seem unintereting. You seem to to well in school, why do you think your recs will only be okay? </p>

<p>You know your essay is kind of generic, so why don't you change it? I mean, it's possible to write a great essay about volenteering, but it really does have tp be great to stand out with that subject. Why don't you chose something a little more unique? I know you don't have that much more time, but it could really help, both at Wes and other schools.</p>

<p>I mean, you still has a good shot with those scores, but I'd say, try to fix the thing that you know is a problem and that is still in your control.</p>