I'm currently a junior and wish to apply for CS next year. I go to a prestigious private school.</p>

<p>Freshman GPA: 3.25
Sophomore GPA: 3.75
Cumulative GPA after 1st trimester jr year: 3.535
Class Rank: Top Half by average GPA, school does not rank</p>

math 670, reading 660, writing 710 1330/1600, 2040/2400</p>

<p>Freshman Year Classes:
Physics, Geometry, English 9, Latin I, Theology 9, World History I, Junior Concert Choir, Writers’ Roundtable 9, Intro to Photography, Computers 9</p>

<p>Sophomore Year Classes:
HO Chemistry, HO World History II, Algebra 2/Trig, English 10, Latin II, Theology 10, Senior Concert Choir, Writers’ Roundtable 10, Photography I
(no computer classes offered)</p>

<p>Junior Year Classes:
HO Biology, AP US History, Pre-calculus, Computer Programming(<em>currently maintaining an A+ average</em>), HO/AP English: Shakespeare elective, Alienation elective, writing elective, Latin III, Theology: Ethics, Christian Life, World Religions, Senior Concert Choir, Writers’ Roundtable 11</p>

<p>Projected Senior Year Classes:
AP Chemistry , AP Computer Science, HO Biology Trimester electives, HO Calculus, AP English, Theology 12, Senior Concert Choir, Writers’ Roundtable 12</p>

-Second Honor Roll consistently for 2 years
-Published poetry: Teen Ink, school literary magazine, and an anthology of poetry
-Most dedicated softball player on school team 2008
-Placed 2nd in Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge (Giant Slalom ski race) preliminary at Windham Mountain</p>

<p>Work Experience:</p>

<p>Computer Intern (Paid)
Summer of 2008 and 2009
Length: 100+ hours
Tasks: to reimage and fix laptops and other similar tasks</p>

<p>Museum Intern at MicroMuseum (Volunteer)
Summer of 2009
Length: 50+ hours
Tasks: photograph, edit, and create an inventory on the art of the museum, once a week to play with children through art activities at a local park. To measure the building and every room in order for a new heating system to be installed.</p>

<p>School Activities:
-Cross Country-2nd year
-Softball-3rd year in high school
-Writer for Untucked, the school newspaper-3rd year in high school
-Writer for Litmag, school literary magazine-2nd year
-Knit for the Needy-2nd year
-Jesters, school improve/acting group-3rd year in high school
-Math League-1st year</p>

<p>Out of School Activities:
-Ski Racing-3rd year in high school, 7th year overall; race at Windham Mountain in the Catskills
-Girl Scouts-3rd year in high school, 12th year overall
-Piano-13 ½ years; 22+ concerts
-Guitar-2nd year
-Creative Writing for Fun
-Photography for fun—Photography class can not fit into school schedule
-Member of Congressman Frelinghuysen’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) (“The Youth Advisory Council is made up of juniors and seniors from across the 11th District. Members are nominated by school Principals at each high school.”—Taken from Frelinghuysen’s website)</p>

<p>Volunteer Experience:
-Knit for the Needy
-PGA volunteer
-Animal shelter</p>