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<p>Hi everyone. I'm a junior white female and Wash U is one of my top choices. </p>

<p>I want to study biology and will most likely go pre-med. I am interested in their accelerated med program, but I'm not 100% positive that it's what I want to do.</p>

My school does not calculate a GPA or rank, but I am in the top 10% of my class. I know this because I was inducted as a member of the Cum Laude Society, which is composed of the top 10% of the junior class.
I have taken the highest level classes that I could and have gotten mostly As and a few A-s, with an occasional B+ mixed in.
I have made Honor Roll every year as well.
I took AP Biology, AP US History, and AP Spanish Language this year and got all As. I project 4/5s on the exams.
I will take AP European History, AP Spanish Lit, AP Calculus (probably AB, but possibly BC) and AP English Lit next year.</p>

<p>Test Scores:
I got a 2350 on the SAT (790 CR, 800 W, 760 M).
I got a 790 on the Chem SAT II.
I am taking the Biology M, Spanish, and Math II SAT IIs in June.
I also qualified for the National Merit Scholarship thing from my PSATs</p>

First off, my school only allows you to hold one leadership position at once. So it's impossible to be the head of a club and class president etc.
I have been a member of my school's Key Club for 3 years and the head of the club for 2. Two summers ago I traveled to Costa Rica for 3 weeks with a program called Academic Treks. We participated in sea turtle research and took classes on marine biology.
Last summer and this summer I have/will worked (paid internship) in a prominent bioengineering lab. The director of the lab is often in the national news for his work. I will definitely be having him write a letter of rec for me.
I have also volunteered for over 200 hrs in the maternity department at a local hospital.</p>

<p>I have been on varsity swimming for two years. I was also on JV swim as a freshman, where I won the excellence award.
I have been on JV soccer for 2 years, where I won the sportsmanship/leadership award.
I have also been a member of my schools peer tutoring club for 2 years,; I tutor in Chemistry and Spanish.
Finally, I have also been a member of my schools yearbook club for 3 years.</p>

<p>I am also a fairly active member of my Roman Catholic church.
I have volunteered through them in a soup kitchen many times and I will be going on my church's teen service trip this summer.</p>

<p>I go to a fairly prominent independent school in the New England area. It's not at the Exeter/Andover level but it's still academically rigorous. I will not be needing financial aid.</p>

<p>Any sort of insight would be much appreciated. If any more info is necessary, I will try to provide it. Thank in advance.</p>

<p>Someone is going to make the comment that you will be waitlisted since you're "overqualified." I thoroughly believe that theory is nonsense, since only the top people at my high school got in, people who are going to MIT and Harvard for the most part. You are most assuredly qualified. Make sure to show interest, visit if you can, email your regional admissions person, etc. Make sure Wash U doesn't think you're their safety regardless, because shadow applicants (people who apply but show no interest, regardless of qualifications) are often rejected at most colleges. I would be going to Wash U with you if you get in and decide to matriculate as I am taking a gap year.</p>

<p>Unless you need to use it for a merit at another school, I would definitely use your National Merit slot for WashU - it will reflect favorably on interest.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. I will definitely try and visit this summer.</p>

<p>I think you're definitely qualified but you HAVE to show interest or you're getting waitlisted.</p>

<p>Kids in my school who were more qualified than me (by FAR) got waitlisted as they didn't show interest. Like categorically better in every objective manner (but I maintain that I am subjectively better, hahaha)</p>

<p>and don't forget, this year waitlist=rejection.</p>

<p>(WashU. did not go to their WL at all this year).</p>

<p>Okay, I'm getting the interest message. I just talked to my parents today about going to visit, so hopefully that will happen.</p>

<p>bump! more chances wanted!</p>

<p>Yeah, I think you have a great shot. But, as said before, I think you have to show much interest in the school. Also, make sure, if it is possible, to try to get an interview with an admissions person. Great way to get "remembered" once you send in your application.</p>

<p>apply ED.....</p>

<p>^ agree with previous post.
If you are really interested in WashU, apply ED, and then you will be a shoe-in. However, if you think you can see yourself at other more prestigious schools, then just apply RD, and make sure to show interest and apply for merit scholarships.</p>

<p>Great stats!!</p>

<p>P.S. regarding the "showing interest" bit - I know how Wash U's famously (or notoriously) place a huge emphasis on applicants' interest, but just for the record, I don't think I have done any of those discussed above, and was accepted RD...I indicated a couple of connections currently studying or working at Wash U (not alumni, just friends), but I doubt if that counts...yeah, I know this is purely anecdotal, just thought people might want to know.</p>

<p>I agree with Can2010 - apply for merit scholarships. They are all separate applications with separate essays, but taking the time to fill them out really shows interest, as opposed to just clicking 'submit' on the common app.</p>