<p>hey, i'm a white guy.</p>

<p>GPA- 90 uw/ 92w
SATs- 650 math 600 writing 630 reading (1880) </p>

<p>*junior year: *
3 aps....
-ap us history- 4
-ap us gov't and politics- 3
-ap language and composition- 4</p>

<p>by the end of junior year, i have taken 11 honors classes.</p>

<p>*senior year: *
going to take two aps.....
-ap european history
-ap statistics</p>

<p>by the end of senior year, i will graduate with 14 honors credits and 5 ap credits </p>

<p>extra curricular...
two years of JV Crew.
one year of JV track and field
(not a sports
3 years of lead roles in school plays
20 hours of community service
steady job for 2 years</p>

<p>great recommendation letters.</p>

<p>resident of connecticut.</p>

<p>Pretty much accepted. As long as you are within the top 15% of your class and continue the streak senior year, you're in. Bringing the SAT to 1950ish could secure your spot also. Remember that you need to take 2 SAT Two's in subjects of your choice. Or alternatively take the ACT to cover both testing requirements. I wouldn't sweat it too much. I had about a 92W, 30 ACT and was accepted.</p>

<p>But extracurriculars seem a bit flat. Take and do some more senior year...</p>

<p>i have some more like latin honors society and random stuff... yeah i'm gonna take some more. and idk if i can take the sat IIs in time now cause they don't have them with enough time to get them back and submit them for the early action deadline. besides, the cost is really too high for undergrad.... :/ i will apply though</p>

<p>which college in BU? CGS, good shot. CAS, etc., reach</p>

<p>I disagree, the applicant would be a match/high match for CAS etc., not a reach. The average CAS SAT is 1942, not too far above the OP's score.</p>

<p>I've read that CAS middle 50% is 2040-2180 (don't quote me on the second number). I know that the CAS acceptance rate is around 33%</p>

<p>Where did you read that? Can you post the link to that source? For BU as a whole, the range is 1850 to 2080 for the middle 50%.
QuickGuide</a> | Boston University Admissions
And no, CGS is not to blame for these low scores overall</p>

<p>I'll look it up. I did some serious digging to find the stats of the non-CGS parts of BU, mostly because of posts like this:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>CGS may be a stat-killer, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, as it allows BU to give more financial aid out to other students.</p>

<p>I'll try and find where my 1942 average SAT figure came from. A problem with the internet is if you do not bookmark something, you can seldom find it again.</p>

<p>Your mid 50% range may be for CAS Honors program perhaps. I only mention this because it may discourage some applicants if they think BU is too much of a reach.</p>

<p>Ah, that could be. Although, on second thought, no, because I think this is the first year the honors college is even open?</p>

<p>CAS had its own Honors Program for several years though.</p>

<p>i'm confused but thanks guys.
i'm retaking the sat and hope for around a 1950 but im not taking sat IIs.
that probably means i'm not accepted but i'm going to apply still. there are other schools i'm more interested in anyways :D</p>

<p>You have to take subject tests to be considered for admission</p>