<p>Ethnicity: African American
Gender: female.
Major: Engineering (Biomedical or Chemical)</p>

CR: 750
M: 660
W: 780</p>

Taking Math 2, U.S. History, and Biology.</p>

Haven't gotten back scores yet.</p>

<p>GPA W: 4.48
GPA UW: 3.98</p>

<p>Class Rank: Tied for 1st with two others in my class.
School Type: Highly competitive parochial school.</p>

U.S. History (5)
Biology (5)
Taking Physics, Spanish, and English Lit and Composition this year. </p>

Academic Team 11, 12
Big Sister (Big Brothers/Big Sisters) 12
Volunteering for various foundations in my city through a charity 11, 12
Senior Cheering Squad 12
World Affairs Club Chair 11, 12
Dance 12
Club Soccer 9, 10, 11
JV/Varsity Track 9
Modeling/Acting 9,10,11,(12)
Math Tutor 10,11</p>

National Merit Semi-Finalist
National Achievement Semi-Finalist
Spanish National Honor Society</p>

<p>looking pretty good overall, although your SAT math score is a bit worrisome for viterbi. you’ll get into the university for sure though and you have a decent chance with viterbi.</p>

<p>Try to complete your application by Dec. 1. 2010. As a National Merit Scholar you will be eligible for the Presidential Scholarship. There are other competitive scholarships available for those who qualify. </p>

<p>You noted you are out of state. USC is a private university. Each student’s application is considered individually. There is no preference given to California residents.</p>

<p>For Viterbi, as already mentioned, it would be better if that math score could be improved.</p>

<p>You have an excellent chance. And it is not just because you are a URM, you have good stats and ECs too. But i agree with josebiwasabi and Georgia Girl, math is low for engineering–that might be the only caveat.</p>

<p>Haha I’ve taken the SAT twice already and got the exact same math score both times! I’ll take the ACT in December and will hopefully get a better score in math for that. Thanks, everyone!</p>