Chancea Distressed Rising Senior Please

Hello, Ive been on CC a lot and it has provded me with a lot of help. This is my first post. Thanks in advance

My Stuff:

ACT: 32 (will take 2nd time this September)
SAT: 1980 (prob wont send)
SAT II: USH-730 , will take second in October
GPA: 3.4 UW, 4.0 W
Rank: Top 20%
APs: Stats-5, USH-4, Gov(self study)-5, Macroecon(self study)-5,Microecon(self study)-5
Schedule: Only APs Ive taken have been USH and Stats (school really limits on AP clases until senior year)
Senior Courseload: AP Eng Lit, AP Calc (AB), AP World, AP Gov (I took test before taking class), AP Biology, AP Spanish

Extra Curriculars:
*VP and Later President Model UN - 3rd Place Current Event Contest at my State Summit (one of largest (if not largest) in country)-will likely be even more succesful later this year (in time for RD)-pretty much teach whole team and lead meetings-was the first council candidate in my school’s history (dont know if i shouldmention tha because I lost)

Speech and Debate- awards at multiple tournaments, Twice State Qualifier, lead Student Congress at my school, was a finalist at largest tournament in my state (larger than state tournament)

One of founding member of Super Smash Bros Club (not that good at it though hehe-not that its a competitive team)

In Multiple other clubs like NHS, Chess Club etc etc.

350+ Volunteer Hours in Hospitals Around the Area as well as a couple of festivals and runs (Really cared about these)

Shadowed a Physician for 2-3 weeks

Aaaaaand Colleges I am interested in----- (intend Business/Finance/Economics or Biology- yeah different, I know)

Emory University (both Oxford and Emory colleges)
Cornell (Dyson Maybe?)
U Mich (OOS)

If you think I’m fit for none of the above please feel free to tell me.

My main concern is my GPA as it is terribly low. I was hoping my test scores or activities could make up for it and aaiming for a perfect 36. I am honestly really distressed right now.

Thanks a ton for all the help you can give me, I really apprciate it.

I think that all of these are reaches to be completely honest. Your ACT is not superb but its not bad either, and your unweighted is too low for these schools. I think you might have a shot at USC but then again you never know; you could get into any one of these! I think your best bet is to have safeties & matches that’ll agree with your resume.

Hey we’re essentially in the same place…

Don’t be stressed out! You just need to work a little harder at really getting up your ACT scores. Work really hard at getting good grades this semester and hopefully that can bump up your GPA. Most of the colleges on your list are reaches but you have good EC’s and if you write a great essay, you have a shot. Try and expand you college list as well; you need some safeties on your list as well as some colleges you think are right at your level (match colleges). But anyway here’s what I think:

Emory: Reach
Cornell (Dyson Maybe?): High Reach
Vanderbilt: Reach
Duke: High Reach
U Mich (OOS): Low Reach
USC: Low Reach possibly High Match
Northwestern: Reach

If you could chance me back, that’d be great:

Hope those aren’t all of the schools you are applying too; be sure to include some matches that you like! ALL of those you listed are reaches for most people.

If you’ve looked at stats for schools (avg test scores and GPA), you will find yourself on the low range. It seems like you are dedicated to your extra curriculars; if you pull off a good essay, then who knows what will happen?

I say reach for all; lower reach with USC or UMich maybe? There are many other factors besides what you listed, so don’t worry. Essay, interview (if you have one), application pool, any hooks, demographics…good courseload though!! That’s really important and may help with your GPA problem…(unless your school is one of those with tons of opportunities and your courseload is average.)

@kakipants Thanks! Will Chance you back
@talkthetalk Thanks for feedback. I think I will be applying to my state flagship as a safety as well as 1-2 other schools

Cornell is my dream school but Emory is not too fa behind. My main dilemma will be come ED whether to risk Cornell or go fo Emory where I hve a slightly better shot. Dont think USC does ED

@Howardyuan Neverknow, might end up in same dorm building :slight_smile:

Anyone else? Thanks!