chanceee for Carnegie Mellon

<p>I am a current sophomore with a 3.8 weighted GPA my school does not tell us the unweighted GPA. I attend a public school ( 3000 kids- 811 sophomore class)I take all honors courses. We only have couple AP classes with i will be taking next year. So far I am taking Alg 2 ( H ) Geometry ( H) Eng 2 ( H) French 2 Chem ( H ) and because my school is a vocational school we need to take a shop called " medical arts "</p>

<p>My dream school Is Johns Hopkins University- i want to enter the BME pprogram but if not accepted, i def. wouldnt mind being admitted to the school as a whole.</p>

<p>Next year courses - Pre Calc , Pre AP English III, APUSH, Anatomy and Physiology, Physics Honors , and my * shop- medical arts *-</p>

<p>I've taken 2 years of French and was planning on taking upto 4 years of a language, but i have no space in my schedule and if i give up Physics, then i can take French, what would you suggest ?</p>

<p>My current sophomore year GPA is a 3.8 weighted.. Do you guys think its possible to bring up my GPA upto a 4.4 or higher junior year ? * I am taking all the difficult courses offered at my school</p>


<p>400 Hours at a Mosque teaching little kids arabic, volunteering every summer + weekends
Volunteer at a nursing home- 30 hours
volunteered 150 Hours at an international Club in London, England
-volunteered 100 hours at local hospital
volunteered 30 hours at a Library
- Currently have a job
Community Service at- bloodrives, cancer walks, autism speaks,etc.
I am the state Vice President of HOSA ( health occuptaion student of america)
member of . SLICE ( Student Leaders in Character Education)
ERASE ( End racism and Sexism Everywehre
FBLA ( future business leaders of America )
- I am a Class Rep.
- Student Council / interact
I am also part of the Literary Soceity.</p>

<li>Varsity Tennis + Cross Country*</li>

<p>I am currently battling on opening 2 new clubs : MSA ( Muslim Student Association ) and a Key Club.</p>

<p>I plan on building plans for a village in Bangladesh and start a foundation for a medical clinic in Bangladesh.</p>

<p>I rank in about 50 out of 811, top 10% of my class. I anticipate on bringing up my GPA upo a 4.4 ( Do you guys think that is possible for me to do next year with the classes im taking above? )</p>

<p>SAT subject tests : Chem:720 Math II: 770 Physics: 730
SAT :2140</p>

<p>please channcee me and any room for improvement!! Thankss!!</p>

<p>Extracurriculars seem excellent, just make sure that over the next two years you don't spread yourself too thin. Adcoms like to see dedication to various groups, not just fillers for one's resume (not saying this is you, just a warning). Your SAT scores are okay for JHU but I would recommend retaking them and working toward some improvement. If you could break about 2200 I think your chances would greatly increase. Your science SAT II scores are probably about average for JHU, but nonetheless they will not break you.</p>