Chancellor's Scholarship

<p>Just out of curiosity..anyone know when the "finalists" (people who get interviews) are notified for the Chancellor's Scholarships? I know Pitt's website says that to be considered for scholarships you must apply by Jan. 15, but the financial aid/scholarship website doesn't detail when you will be notified of your status interview-wise (if you have landed one), only that you'll know by April 15 whether or not you are one of the 12 lucky ones.</p>

<p>Anyone on here know? Not that it makes one ounce of difference, but curiosity runs rampant :)</p>

<p>I am a finalist for the Chancellor's scholarship... I just got the email on Jan. 25. It sounds like an awesome opportunity, but I am a little nervous about the interview...</p>

<p>I don't know for sure, but last year I found out via phone call to Pitt that several of the Chancellors Scholarships were given out before the submission deadline and even before all of the applications were reviewed. Doesn't seem fair to me, especially given the amount of the prize and the few available, but I guess it pays to be extra early.</p>

<p>Has anyone else heard anything about the Chancellor's Scholarship? I applied for it over a month and a half ago and I still haven't gotten a decision whether or not I can move onto the interview round. (I did receive a comfirmation email saying they received my application though.)</p>

<p>LKF, i completely agree with that. I know im in no position to get one of those scholarships, but still there's no reason why they shouldn't honor their deadline. Oh well, are you willing to challenge the school because im too lazy to do that :-P</p>

<p>Well, my son did call the dean (I think?) and ask about it because his essays seemed to completely mesh with a later talk given by the dean. He was very cordial and said he'd check into it, but I don't think my son ever heard anything more. We just let it go after that. Each application is read by two individuals and they alone make the decision of who gets an interview. It might depend on whether those random two like your ECs, job, geographic area, essay topics, etc.</p>

<p>I have to say that there are alot of students in the honors college with great stats, ECs and more, so there are certainly many deserving individuals.</p>

<p>There is no set formula for picking Chancellor's Scholars. They may continue to invite applicants to interview into April. </p>

<p>There also is no set number of scholarships offered or available in a given year. Dr. Stewart and his team will offer as many as they feel appropriate, depending on the applicant pool. </p>

<p>Interview candidates may also be simultaneously interviewed for other full scholarships, such as those given by the engineering school.</p>

<p>Generally, they will offer about one and one half to two times as many scholarships as will be accepted. If more people accept than usual, Doc finds the money to pay for it.</p>

<p>There are no geographic constraints or limitations. In other words, there is not a reserved number or percentage for in-state students.</p>

<p>If you are awarded the Chancellor's, you will receive an overnight letter with the notification. It will likely come a day or two after the notification date published by Pitt. That is a very frustrating period for the parents of a child who thought the interview went very well, had mid to upper 1500 SAT's, had a few 800's on SAT II's, and had an amazing number of extra curricular and community service activities. Some of these activities had significant community impact.</p>

<p>My child, who won a Chancellor's a few years ago, is the source of this information, along with friends of my child who also won. The Chancellor's winners I have met are all very bright, engaging, and have a wide variety of interests. (As a parent, it is pretty overwhelming when your child is selected for this.)</p>

<p>By the way, right after the interview, my child was unsure how well it went. As I discussed it, I discovered that the interview seemed to change from an interview to a recruiting session about half way through. My child had been surprised that the interview switched from the team asking questions to the team talking about Pitt and their various interests. So, if that happens to you or your child, you have a pretty good chance of success.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>It's true that there is not a set number of scholarships, as in if some one offered a scholarship declines they do not offer it to some one else. But they give out about the same number each year, maybe from 9 to 12. I remember a rep telling us during a visit that out of all of the applicants ( about 1000?), they select about 100 for interview and give about 10 scholarships.</p>

<p>I want to emphasize to you to send your paperwork in early. As the time for decisions neared, we heard nothing either way. No rejection, no interview invitation. Each time I called, they told me that my son's application had not been reviewed yet and it was still on somebody's desk. I'm not sure how they sort them out, or the logistics of your two readers getting the job done, but I suspect that earlier submission is better.</p>