Chanceme for ED UChicago + Some other schools


  • US domestic
  • State/Location of residency: South Carolina
  • Type of high school: Public
  • Gender/Race/Ethnicity (optional): White/trans girl
  • Other special factors: Legacy to Clemson

Intended Major(s): Economics /Maybe CS

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 3.76
  • Weighted HS GPA (incl. weighting system): 4.78 out of 6
  • Class Rank: 12 / 226
  • ACT/SAT Scores: 760 EBRW 770 Math

Taken the hardest schedule available at my school, have taken IB Bio HL, IB English A1 HL, IB Extended Essay, IB Latin B SL Seminar, IB TOK, Math: Analysis and Approaches SL, APUSH (4), APHUG (5), APMICRO (5). Taking 4 AP’s senior year and no longer doing IB because of complications from depression.


National Merit Semifinalist

AP Scholar

National Honor Society

Junior Marshall

Quill & Scroll Journalism Society

State Poetry Contest 2nd place

2-3 MUN awards ranging from local to national

3-5 Journalism awards ranging from state to regional

All Region Tennis Team


Varsity tennis player

  • Team number one since 7th grade

  • peaked at T30 in the state

  • Team Captain since 9th grade

  • Tennis Coach & Pro shop staff

Co Editor in chief for two years of Journalism

Copresident Model UN 12th grade

  • Research officer 11th grade

Latin Club President

Philosophy Club President and founder

IB Leadership Council Member 11 and 12

National Science Honor Society co founder and Vice President

rocketry club co founder and president

Concert band

Lord if I know how strong these are, I like to think I am a decent writer though and do have a college consultant to help out.

Cost Constraints / Budget


  • Reach: UChicago ED, Cornell, Northwestern, Georgetown

Worth mentioning that my GPA is significantly lower than where it was because I was hospitalized for depression junior year and missed most of two months of school for treatment.

A good friend of a daughter went to Chicago and did very well there. However, I do remember him coming home over the winter break and mentioning how much work it was. He told us the famous motto “Chicago is where fun goes to die”.

Do you want to work that hard for four years without let up? There are many very good universities which are less stressful.

Personally I attended a similarly stressful university for undergrad. It was a great fit for some students. It would have been a good fit for me when I was older. In retrospect I do not think that it was a great fit for me when I was young. When I was a graduate student and a bit older (~24) I wanted to work that hard at a highly ranked university and loved it. However, as an undergraduate student I just was not ready for it.

You need to make sure that you are ready for it, and that you want to do it.

And yes I do understand that I did not chance you. I think that your GPA makes Chicago a reach (and of course it is a reach for nearly everyone).

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I’ve put a lot of thought into whether UChicago would be the right school or not and I feel like it is. Personally, the culture seems like a really good fit for me and I’m not THAT worried about the course load. However, I do understand that UChicago definitely has a reputation for being incredibly strenuous.

Thank you for responding (:

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The faculty have gone to great lengths to make Chicago a more appealing place over the past 5+ years. Brand new dorms and gym, reduced core requirements, a new BizEcon track, less grade deflation. They really are aiming at Harvard/Ivies and similar schools. My wife attended UChicago in the 1990s and it is a much different place now. Much more friendlier. Still a lot of work and very brainy. But you shouldn’t let that scare you.

Your profile, stats and story is solid. I’d say you have a good chance during the ED1 round. Just make sure to spend some time and write solid essays. Show interest, attend some of the virtual events, and definitely submit the optional video. Looks like there is an upcoming virtual session with the Adcom person from SC next week.