chanceme WashU Questbridge ED

Ethinicty: White/Middle Easter, non-citizen
First Gen: First gen in the U.S., I am a pending refugee
Income: 67k, free-lunch receipient
Region: East coast
SAT: 1520 one sitting, reported
SATII: none
GPA: school doesn’t do unweighted, weighted-4.54
Intended major: Bio

IBs: none
APs(score): WHAP(5), BIO(5), APUSH(5), MACRO(5), CALC BC(5), CHEM(4), MICRO(4), COMP-SCI A(3)

Senior Workload:
-Multivariable Calculus
-Dual Physics
-Dual English
-AP U.S. Gov & AP Comparative Gov
-AP Psychology
-Study Hall

-U.S. Biology Olympiads National Semi-finalist, 10th
-Congressional Award Gold Medal(over 800-hour commitment), 12th
-Chemistry Department Student of the Year, 11th
-AP Scholar with Distinction, 11th
-Questbridge National College Match Finalist, 12th
-Certificate of Academic Excellence, 9th
-1 religious award from local organization
-2 invitational bronze medals for Sci. Oly


  1. Club and HS soccer(have a d3 offer)
  2. Wrote a research paper with a professor on Coronavirus’s binding capabilites to humans ACE2 protein over quarantine.(Sent to National Biophysical Society for their Spring Symposium)
  3. Quest Student Research Institute Summer research project. Did research on Phenylalanine-4-hydroxylase and its involvement in PKU but did not publish a paper
  4. BIO-CLUB(president and founder 10, 11, 12)- I lectured to club members to prepare for USABO
  5. A project where I tutored refugee children as well as raised over $20k as a group. 11, 12
  6. Habitat for Humanity, over 60 hours of volunteer with them
  7. SNHS, NHS, MHS, and French National Honor Societies
  8. I ran a personal soccer coaching business in order to be able to afford club soccer. 4 hours a week year round for 11th and 12th.
  9. Had to take care of siblings when my dad worked out of state for two years(my mother doesnt speak english). Listed as family responsibility.

Volunteer- have over 400 hours.

Rec Letters:
Counselor- should be good. I have had many positive interactions and she was really impressed with how active I was when i first moved to the school. Knows a lot about my asylee background and things I have done for the school community.

AP Chem teacher- I was chemistry student of the year… really knows my intellectual side

WHAP teacher- was from 10th grade. We had a really good bond(we would check up even after I moved to a new school, I even gave her a gift- a history meme calender) .

Main essay was about my 7 years in the U.S. where we had to go from one city to another to keep our legal status.

I moved to a new school before my junior year so it was really diffucult to get leadership positions and I also couldn’t continue some ECs cuz of that.