chances 2+2

<p>So I just found out about this 2+2 program, and I was wondering if someone out there with a little more perspective/experience/info would mind assessing my chances in broad strokes.</p>

<p>currently a rising junior at Penn
gpa of 3.93
major in econ (with a lot of math in it...initially I thought I wanted a math major as well, but have since decided to continue solely with econ)
interning at a BB in IB this summer and have another internship lined up at another BB next summer
international student</p>

<p>thats pretty much it in a really general form.</p>

<p>let me know what you guys think</p>


<p>Or rather 2% according to a recent thread.</p>

<p>The program is not made for business-path people (aka econ and math majors). It is not a backdoor, folks. </p>

<p>For a business person to get in is the equivalent of a art history major getting admitted to an elite engineering masters based solely on his "on-the-side" engineering endeavors. It is actually much harder than regular HBS admissions, which says everything.</p>

<p>Though I would chance your odds at regular admissions as academically very good; you just need more work experience and leadership imo.</p>

<p>I'm not trying to backdoor my way into the program (if I get rejected, I am still applying through the regular process) I just think the structure is interesting. anyone else with more input?</p>

<p>Undisclosed is right, 2+2 is not for Econ major.</p>

<p>plain and simple.</p>