chances? 6, 7, 8 year programs???plz help

<p>I was just wondering what you guys think my chances would be at getting into schools such as columbia, hopkins, wash u, and rice.also if anyone is familiar with the acc. BA/MD program, your thoughts about my chances for acceptance into the program will be greatly appreciated (8yr RICE/BAYLOR, 6yr BOSTON U, 6yr PENN STATE, 7yr RUTGERS/UMDNJ). Thanks</p>

<p>SAT: 710 - V 800 - M (1510)
SATIIs: Registered for nov.
APs: 5-Calc AB, 5-Comp Sci A, 4-US History
GPA: 3.6/4.4</p>

<p>current courses:
AP Lit
AP Chem
AP Bio
AP Stats
human anatomy
Spanish 5
pursuing interest of art at local communinty college</p>

Red Cross: President of school club
President of chapter youth council
Officer of State youth council
Board of Directors of State Chapter
Tae Kwon Do:13 years... competitive
now assisant instructor with work twice a week
3rd dan black belt
Indian Cultural Organization - 4 years
MUN: recieved outstanding delagate at 2 confrences
Crew: varsity for 3 years (fall and spring)
Volunteer at local hospital, genetics department, minor lab work - 3 summers</p>

<p>i really wish to persue medicine partly due to personally experience, partly due to my love for the sciences. I go to the number one public school in my state and it does not have school rankings (most likely top 10%). </p>

<p>all comments are greatly appreciated</p>

plz help</p>

<p>i think u have a pretty good chance since u have a unique ec--tae kwon do. what do you do in ur red cross club? ur course load is good, altho i have no idea how to rate that gpa--lol. was ur volunteering experience significant?</p>

<p>in red cross, we do several community projects a month, including holding blood drives, and nursing home visits. Other activites include habitat for humanity, disaster response, and several events for children from the local homeless shelter.
i believe my volunteer experience is significant through these projects along with many others that i have done throughout the years.
should i include every outside organization i've worked with in my resume, or keep it simple to red cross? outsides organizations include Habitat for Humanity......</p>