<p>I started a chance thread earlier in the summer but now that its getting down to the wire with early decision decisions (pardon my redundency) and i was just wondering if i applied early what my chanves would be. I APPRECIATE IT :)</p>

*I went to private school before this year so my wighted and unweighted differs because of this</p>

<p>IB Programme Canidate</p>

<p>Senior Schedule
IB English 12
IB 20th Century History
IB Math Studies (Similar to AP Statistics)
IB Philosophy
AP Latin Vergil
AP Psych</p>

<p>***should i apply regular decision so that my first semester brings up my GPA and i have a higher presentable SAT score?</p>

JV Basketball
V Soccer (freshman lettered)
V Cross Country

<p>Highest Honors and Principle's List
Honors Society (fall, hopefully)
Student Ambassador
Urban Ministry volunteer
Habitat for Humanity volunteer
Senate page
Juniory SPCA club</p>

SAT I-1940 (im retaking in October)
SATII-taking nov. 7 (recommendations?)</p>

<p>THANK YOU</p>