Chances? After being Deffered

<p>Below is a little background info for my application. I applied EA to Albany and got deferred (brother is an alum however). Plattsburgh said I should be fine but want's mid year grades. Buffalo is released mid march but I'll be sending my grades there as well.
First Quarter of Senior Year GPA = 2.75 (2.86 W)
Real Estate B+
English B
Marketing A
Participation in Govt B+
Physics C+
Calc Honors B </p>

<p>Second Quarter GPA 3.33 (3.41 W)
Real Estate A+
English A
Marketing A+
Physics C+
Calc Honors B+ (Weighted A)</p>

<p>Should these grades be enough to boost me into Albany and Plattsburgh? I also got additional letters of rec from my calc teacher. Thanks for any help</p>

<p>Ok so my stats are 2.9 Weighted/Unweighted. Took two honors in junior year US and English scored B+ UNweighted in both.
SAT Scores M 600 CR 570 W 550 (1170/1720)
I go to a very high achieving high school were the middle 50% gpa is a 3.75W.</p>

JV Baseball 9,10 (Captain 10)
Varsity Golf 9
Blood Drive Donor
Mathletes Club
Habitat for Humanity
Blood Drive Organizer
International Night Helper
Youth Speak Outs (Community Service)
Over 250hours of community service for my aunt and elderly neighbor
Over 550 Hours work experience at staples and at a restaurant.</p>

<p>Well I had a very rough high school career, my parents divorced as a freshman and my dad neglected me after the divorce and still does. Shortly after my mother was diagnosed with lupus and this created an inordinate amount of stress on me. ( Had to pick up all the slack) Wrote about that in my essay, also added some more things but life was not easy for me in high school. Was very overweight and bullied but I lost over 60 pounds and became very personable. Last year I had an upward trend with a 3.1weighted GPA and my sat scores are above average for the sunys so here is where I'm applying</p>

<p>Bump anyone?</p>

<p>It's great that you are showing an upward trend in senior year. It seems like you have done all you can do an now you just need to wait and see. For U. of Albany, if you go on their website and then search on "common data set" you can see the average GPA and SAT for freshman admitted in recent years. Your SAT is in the ball park of the middle 50% and your GPA is below 3.0, so that's why they are looking at your grades to see if you can keep up the good work. Good luck to you and keep pushing yourself; you've come a long way since freshman year.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! Anyone else?</p>