Chances after deferral??

<p>I was hoping I would get in but i knew it would be tough. Its my top choice so it sucked when I got a regular letter.
What are the chances or precentage of being accepted after being deferred??
I got into Wilmington and was deferred by NC State surpirsingly I was confident I was going to get in but guess not.
My first semester grades that im sending in are all A's or mostly (see below) so idk if that will improve my chances.</p>

<p>Here are my stats. </p>

In state
1st Gen. student</p>

<p>Start of senior year
GPA W-4.1
GPA U-3.4
Rank- 36 out of 212
SAT- 1700 (super score)
CR+M- 1130 (CR-580 and M-550)
ACT- 23
Mostly Honors courses and some AP</p>

<p>Main classes this year
AP Spanish (A)... i think or B haha
AP English IV (A)
AP European History (A)
AP Pshycology
AP Chem 2
AP Stats</p>

<p>NHS member
student gov treasurer and involvement in student council all four years
spanish club
key club
jr. civitan club
treasurer of international club
par time job for 3 yrs now
volunteer experience</p>

<p>idk what else.....just ask</p>

<p>I think everything sounds good for Carolina except for that 1700. Maybe take it again before final decisions come out?</p>

<p>its too late for that I think but would changing my major or adding another as a second choice improve my chances?</p>

<p>The only reason they look at majors is so, if you were accepted, they could assign you to an advisor. That's what Erin Andrews told me when I met her at the admissions office. I roughly had the same stats minus a 3.5 w, 4.3 UW, a 1710 SAT, and 27 on the ACT but, my essays and extracurriculars were VERY strong. I would just hope for the best. :) Best of wishes to you</p>

<p>Thanks. Hopefully straight A's last semester will be enough. Does anyone know the percentage of applicants accepted after being deferred? And do they keep a tab on your application so they know you were EA or do you just become RA like everyone else they look at?</p>

<p>Last year a little under 300 were accepted regular decision out of the 1400 deferred</p>

<p>Wow i'm actually really surprised that your were deffered by State. I'd be reluctant to bet on it but i think you'll get accepted after they see your grades just keep up the good work. Also are you from a rural county?</p>

<p>ehh idk i wouldnt say its completely rural. Its more of a mixture, theres farm land around but no big cities idk its close i guess</p>

<p>I made all A's last semester would it be ok if I submit A+'s on my midyear report that i have to send in?</p>

<p>Do you mean, would it be ok to lie?</p>

<p>yeah.... I dont know the actual grade like 93-100 so idk. My transcript just has an A next to the class same goes for my report card...</p>

<p>Don't lie.</p>

<p>I said I made A's, which I did.</p>