Chances after Deffered? Please Help

<p>Could someone give me my chances for getting into Georgia Tech? It would be greatly appreciated.
-SATs: 600-math, 650-writing, 730-critical reading

<p>-ECs: Senior Beta club since 10th grade.
Robotics Senior year lead programmer. This is my first year and we already qualified for state.
I taught myself to play guitar.
I have worked every summer since freshman year and now I get out of school a half day early to work.
I took a java programming class and that inspired me to teach myself about C and C++. I have programed two games and am working on a third.
Over 200 hours of community service volunteering work for my church.</p>

<p>-GPA:...about 3.3 UW and 3.45W Its bad but I'm not dumb or anything I just havent really been motivated because my classes dont interest me. I did excellent in AP Comp Sci wtih a 100 and 99 b/c I love programming and want to be a Computational Media major or CS at GA Tech.</p>

<p>Class Rank: B/w top 10th and Quarter. </p>

<p>-I have taken all honors classes and 8 APs including AP Gov, AP Econ, AP US History, AP Phys B, AP Computer Science A, AP Lit, AP Calc AB and AP Phys C.
-My senior year schedule is: AP Calc AB, AP Lit, AP Phys C and work based learning (get out early to work).</p>

<p>My Essays were really good. Edited by an English teacher so I feel good about those. Also we qualified for state in robotics after my deferral so I can tell them that and they are my #1 choice. Soo please chance me it would mean a lot. Thanks.</p>

<p>It's unlikely you'll get in with a 3.3 UWGPA and a 600 Math SAT. Sorry.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. I know my GPA is low and SAT math too. but everything else is pretty good and I'm hoping I get lucky or something.</p>

<p>What's your GT GPA? I'm pretty sure that that's the GPA that matters.</p>

<p>I think its about the same as my UW... Ik its bad but dont they like to see other things besides just numbers?</p>

<p>GT uses a regression formula to score applicants. Even qualitative items like your ECs and school rigor are converted to a numerical score and multiplied by a coefficient. The students with the top scores are accepted.</p>

<p>We don't know GT's formula, but one thing they have said is that in terms of weights, GPA > Math SAT >> Everything else. So a low GPA and a low Math SAT will make it very difficult to get in. When you see someone with a low GPA get in, there's usually a high Math SAT to balance it (and vice versa).</p>

<p>You might get an alternative form of entry (wait list, summer offer, or AASU, which may not longer be offered), so don't completely give up, but in your situation I would make other plans for the Fall and let it be a happy surprise if you got in. Good luck.</p>

<p>I know they use a formula for that but dont they also take into account the rigor of courses? I go to a high school that has traditional class levels. They are in order from lowest to highest rigor CP(college prep), Honors, and AP. I have taken all honors and 8 APs. Doesnt that help a little?</p>

<p>Is there anything that offsets the GPA and math SAT? I mean my essay was great and I'm in state and they are my first choice.</p>

I have taken all honors and 8 APs. Doesnt that help a little?


<p>Honors: no. AP: yes.</p>

<p>The thing to keep in mind is that admission isn't arbitrary. The purpose is to set up students to succeed at Tech. If they let someone in, and that person fails classes and leaves school, that's terrible for GT and for that student. </p>

<p>The admissions office has data that indicates that students that excelled in certain areas in high school tend to excel in the college. They use this data to predict how you'll do at GT. If they predict that you're not going to excel, then it's in your best interest (and GT's) to give you the opportunity to excel somewhere else, no matter how great your essay is. Someone with a 3.5 GPA from Georgia State is much better off than someone with a 2.5 GPA from Georgia Tech.</p>

<p>Maybe they're wrong. Maybe you're a better student than your high school transcript indicates. Great. Go to GSU, prove GT wrong, then apply to transfer. That's why GT is lenient on transfer admissions.</p>

<p>I'm not saying that you definitely won't get in, but it looks unlikely based on what they've done in the past. If you get in, awesome. Work hard and succeed. But if you don't, realize that it was for your own good, prove them wrong, then transfer in.</p>

<p>I do think I'm a lot better than my transcript shows. I got a lot of A's and most of my B's were within 1 to two points of an A. I just hope they take a good look at my numerical scores and rigor for the classes in addition to the letter grade.</p>

<p>If I had gotten A's in the classes I was borderline in my GPA would be about 3.6 UW. So I hope they take that into account because an 89 vs 90 is not a big difference....but its the difference b/w 3.0 and 4.0 for avg</p>

So I hope they take that into account because an 89 vs 90 is not a big difference....but its the difference b/w 3.0 and 4.0 for avg


<p>Many students fall into this situation, so this isn't a special case. The mature approach to this is to accept the situation and plan for a contingency. The worst thing you can do is to complain about it or try to rationalize an irrational belief.</p>


<p>I'm an admitted senior, so I'm not an expert but I had a 610 M, 800 V, and 690 W and got in EA. Your scores aren't too different from mine and our math scores are about the same. Being in-state should help a good bit too. Your GPA is the only major problem. I've heard Tech cares as much or more about it than test scores. The APs are definitely a help but I don't think admissions has the time to go through your transcript and notice that you have a lot of high Bs or anything. If you want them to take a closer look, you might want to point this out if you didn't already in your application. Your ECs aren't bad and the work experience is a help. Tech seems to value it a lot and I think it gave me an edge. Your class rank won't help or hurt because I don't think they count it, but good essays should help give you can edge. I'd definitely have a safety school your comfortable with because Tech is a bit of a reach but if you're willing to go on the wait list or accept their summer offer, you might get in.</p>

<p>Yea I know the GPA is a problem but based on everything else just like you highlighted I had hoped it'd be like a slight reach instead of like impossible. </p>

<p>Also, if I point this out to them would they take that as being like complaining or whiny? Because that would destroy my chances and I dont want that.</p>

<p>And they say they care about passionate students and I have taught myself programming and playing guitar. Is there any way to effectively communicate that you are passionate?</p>

<p>I'd take wait list in hope of being acepted b/c it is my #1 school choice. My safety would probably be Southern Polytechnic in Marietta and then I'd transfer. That of Georgia State.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply as well.</p>

<p>Have you filled out the Deferred Supplemental Form already? That might be a good place to fill them in on your transcript and communicate your passion and that Tech's your number one choice.</p>

<p>The Form comes out 2/1. So I'm going to do that when it comes out. And like I said alos for Robotics I am the lead programmer and we qualified for State in one of our competitions and this is our first year. Thats an accomplishment I'd tell them. But I was more asking if there is a way to say the thing about my transcript withput coming across as desperate or whiny.</p>

<p>Hm, I might just point out how well you did in AP Comp Sci and how excited you are about your major. If your grades have been better this year, or even this semester, I'd let them know that too. I'm not sure if there's any good way to point out how high your B's are without coming across badly though... </p>

<p>Sorry I can't be more help!</p>

<p>Thanks you have been a great help so far. Also I'm taking AP Calculus AB, AP Lit, and AP PHysics C this year. I got an A in AP Physics C and a B in Calculus (with 10). But this semester I'm working much harder and I have an A w/o 10 in AP Calculus. sooo my grades last semester were pretty good (A in AP Lit w/o 10 too). That and my passion for robotics as well. </p>

<p>I go to school then work, then back to school for robotics every day. I do like 10 hours on weekdays and like 6 on sat. We qualified for state and I do the programming. Will that help as well? Considering this is our first year?</p>

<p>Oh, this year's grades should help a lot then and probably having a rigorous schedule will too. I don't know too much about robotics but I'm sure making state and showing commitment to an activity is gonna help. The only problem is that it's a pretty common EC to have at Tech. Do you know if many other kids from your school are applying to Tech?</p>

<p>Some of my friends are. But they are the ones in my AP Physics class. So like maybe 5 people I know of. And maybe a handful more from like higher level math classes too. But it'd probably be their safety school. And Robotics is common but I am very dedicated to it and it's our first year so we have come a long way.</p>