Chances and application help for McGill

<p>I need to apply to McGill ASAP, as I believe it is rolling application? If I submitted my application next week, when would I get a response? Also, where is their "Secondary School Report"? This is the portion that the guidance counselor fills out, or is there no Secondary School report? Are essays required? I have 3 recommendations being mailed in, and a transcript on the way too fairly soon. Also, is there an essay I have to complete?</p>

<p>Also, my final stats:</p>

<p>1910 SAT (1940 Superscore)
28 ACT
3.93 UW GPA/5.035 Weighted GPA
Class rank- Class Valedictorian
Chemistry SAT- 670
USH SAT- 740
AP English Test- 5
AP USH Test- 4
AP Chemistry Test- 3
Taking AP Bio, AP PHYSIC B, Ap calculus, ap English, and AP Government this year.
Rigorous set of classes throughout all high school
I have bunch of honorable extracurriculars this year
I have 60 hours of community service
I have dual US/Canadian Citizenship
I have always made A's in my Math and Science classes
I intend to go to McGill for Pre-med and eventually med.</p>

<p>There is a half chance, your test scores are a bit low.</p>

<p>which faculty do I have the highest chance of getting in to?</p>

<p>should I apply now, or wait till december/january?</p>

<p>Arts will give you the best chances.</p>

<p>Also please don’t send in your recommendation letters. They are not required and not wanted. Apply when you think you are ready.</p>

<p>No essays, no guidance counsellor report, no recommendations needed. Just SAT or ACT and high school marks. For admission they won’t care about your extra-curr (although for some scholarships they will).</p>

<p>cool. I’ll submit my transcript request on wednesday, and send my ACT scores on wednesday, and fill out the application tomorrow! Still, which faculty(s) should I apply to if I plan to do med?</p>

<p>Premed students can major in most programs as long as the required premed courses are taken. Most premeds major in Science/life sciences.</p>

<p>I have decided to apply to Faculty of Science under Life Sciences, and Faculty of Arts. Wish me luck! I really hope to be accepted! When should I be expecting a response? I hope its before winter break (Dec 17) so I can plan whether or not to go up north!</p>

<p>Actually I believe decisions are not mailed out until late January at the earliest since McGill takes senior year first semester grades into consideration as well, and those usually are not completed until January. Then again, this is from my personal research and could be wrong.</p>