Chances?? and film

<p>I know that UW has a film major but I was wondering if it is any good?</p>

<p>And if you could chance me that would be awesome! I'm in junior in hs
GPA- 4.07 W 3.89 UW
ACT- Haven't taken but I think 28
EC's- Good, average not nationally acclaimed or anything
student council
principals advisory- leadership program
knights way- leadership program
french club
other non important stuff
OOS but illinois
I'm not sure if this makes a difference but I'm a good writer so the essay will most likely not suck.</p>

<p>"Haven't taken but I think 28" ?????</p>

<p>You should take the test before you start thinking what you're going to get on it.</p>

<p>Film studies is one of the strongest anywhere. Not production, but studies. Before others saw the value, UW Madison collected lots of films and associated archives stored at the Historical Society on campus. Lots of very well known faculty. Plus, an active Badger group in LA - - for future connections. Great on campus film festivals.</p>

<p>My son, who was a film student at USC, used a textbook in an introductory class written by David Bordwell,a UW, now emeritus, film professor.</p>

<p>I have been taking ACT prep and I am predicted to get a 28</p>