Chances and important bme question =(

<p>I understand that my gpa is lower than the average acceptance rate but plz evaluate my chances under ED.
1) Chances for chem major
2) chances for bme major
3) If some of us are interested in both chem and bme at this time but can not determine which one is of a greater interest to us at this time, under ED will applying bme as first choice and chem as second choice lower my chances of admission into chem (assuming i get rejected from bme) if I had instead applied for chem as my first choice directly? thanks!</p>

<p>Background: Asian Male, California
UnwGPA: 3.66667, Fully WGPA: 4.20833
SAT: 2150
SAT II's: 790 Math IIC, 760 Chemistry, 710 US History
AP's: 5 Calculus BC (5 for AB subscore), 4 Chemistry, 5 US History, 4 English Language, 4 AP Phys B, 3 for AP Bio (9th grade self-study)</p>

<p>Course Work:
Fresh: No APs at school UnwGPA: 4.0
Soph: 2 APs UnwGPA: 3.4
Junior: 4 Aps UnwGPA: 3.83333
Senior: going to take 5 Aps</p>

<p>Community College: 4.0 (7 units)
Physical Geology: A
Physical Oceanography: A</p>

-CSF (4 years)
-AP Scholar with Distinction
-Certificate of Recognition from the school district board of education for being in the Science Olympiad team (3rd place state that year)</p>

Red Cross Club, 4 years: Vice-President
Sudoku Club, 2 years: President/Founder
Physics Club, 2 years: President/Founder
356 Hours of Community Service in Library
80+ Hours of Community Service for Red Cross (Club, Youth Corps, etc.)
Leadership Development Camp of Southern California (Fully paid by the Red Cross Chapter)</p>

<p>what school do you go to?</p>

<p>My GPAs alot lower than yours, but alot of bad things happened to me freshmen year.</p>

<p>I'm applying ED too, ITS ON!</p>

<p> ashamed of my sophmore grades...bump regarding the bme question =(</p>

<p>Re: Question 3
No - if you aren't accepted to the BME program, you're considered like any other applicant to the university. Admissions to Hopkins isn't for a specific major - you get admitted to the university as a whole - so your actual major choice won't matter</p>

<p>I think it will help your chances if you expand your gpa to include more decimal places when you write it down.</p>

<p>i don;t think we get to write down what our gpa is =( >< but i doubt that will help i just have to hope they acknowledge trends =(</p>

<p>thank you for answering the questions everyone and gl!=D</p>