Chances? Applying for Fall 2012

<p>for Fall 2012</p>

<p>University of Miami - Early Decision
GPA: 86.4
SAT: 1830 (1220/1600)
Courses: 1 AP Junior Year, 2 AP's Senior Year + Honors Classes</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
- Student Body Vice President
- Leadership Committee (school's most prestigious committee/activity)
- Peer Counselor
- Track and Field team member (4 years)
- Edmund Rice Society (service program)
- SFC (Student Government)
- Campus Ministry</p>

- Traveled to Peru for a Service Immersion Trip
- One of 4 students chosen to represent my school at a Christian Leadership Workshop
- Over 75 community service hours</p>

<p>Reccomendations and Essay (about my passion for leadership and inspiring it in others) will be excellent</p>


<p>Well if your essay is unbeatable then you're looking at 100%, right?</p>

<p>You tell me haha</p>

<p>I hope so!</p>

<p>unlike most schools, Umiami ED does not really give any advantage to the applicant (No idea why but the statistics confirm my statement).....</p>

<p>I know someone with very similar stats to yours who was deferred, waitlisted and just got accepted off the waitlist in July.....</p>