Chances appreciated

<p>I would like to know if me applying to UW-M is reasonable(School of Engineering).
I have an SAT score of 1860(M-650 R-580 W-630) and an ACT score of 27(M-31 R-30). My extracurriculars are track(indoor/outdoor)(varsity) and cross country(varsity) all four years, club basketball, National Honors Society, chairman of toys for tots program at my school, and many volunteer activities(not gonna post them but they reach on to a second page on my resume, so quite extensive).
My GPA is 3.8 at this time, which puts me in the top 30% of my class(a national blue ribbon school)
Good teacher recs(AP Comp Sci and Honors Digital Electronics teachers)
Good essays(checked over by many people)
I will graduate with 8 AP classes(AP diploma) and 15 Honors classes
Tell me if I missed and important info, but I was thinking that my EC's could and strength of schedule could pull up the low SAT(didn't study which was stupid of me) and relatively low GPA.
I am out of state btw(Maryland), but I was just basically asking if there was even the slightest chance for admission, where paying for it would be a different story.</p>

<p>I don't have as much experience as many others on this board, but, aside from your ACT, your stats are better than mine were when I applied out of high school last year and I got in. I'd say you have a very very good shot, if not in the bag with all of those AP's and EC's.</p>

<p>Thank you for your quick reply. I'm glad that an actual student answered my post, saying that everyone else just looks at average test scores and GPA on some website, instead of condsidering the story behind those scores and grades. I will tell you that getting just a decent GPA was hard enough every marking period after being completely drained from all of my EC's. I was thinking the same thing as you, but no one else would comply with the facts in front of them, just looking at my GPA and test scores.</p>

<p>Anyone else can feel free to comment and agree or disagree. The more opinions the better.</p>

<p>I assume that 3.8 is a weighted GPA or you would be ranked very high. If your GPA is 3.8 UW then your chances are good with low board scores, otherwise your chances are nil. Good luck</p>

<p>Based on some decisions of kids we know for OOS, I would say you have a chance, but could just as easily go the other way. </p>

<p>A 27 ACT is on the lower end for OOS and a reasonable inference is that, if a 3.8 only gets a student into the top 30%, there must be serious grade inflation at the school. Or, if the 3.8 is weighted with a top 30% at a strong high school, there are a lot of students with better records. </p>

<p>Only anecdotal and who knows what adcoms see in a file, but we know a student with a 29 ACT, 3.45 unweighted, top 20%, most rigorous curriculum blah blah, strong upward trend. If the school did weight, would be over 4.2. Varsity sports, good ECs, essays -- rejected. Not that your result necessarily would be similar, but something to consider.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Students with higher gpa's (assuming unweighted, btw) than their relative ACT/SAT scores have shown they know how to study and will be prepared for the UW rigor. Students with top test scores but relatively lower scores may not have good study habits (being able to get through HS without learning how to study) and are at more risk of failure. Remember that 1/4 of all UW students will be in the lowest quartile by definition. Traditionally Wisconsin has had good public schools all over so being at a "blue ribbon" school doesn't mean much compared to the typical Wis HS.</p>

<p>btw- UW is how the Madison campus is known. Adding an "M" usually refers to the Milwaukee campus, an entirely different school. Also all students are admitted to the university as a whole, it doesn't matter what, if any, your proposed major/school/ college is. They ask for the information to help in assigning SOAR (summer advising and registration) advisors. Most college students will change their plans once they start college. Some schools require another application once you have a college record- this includes Engineering, Business and Education.</p>

<p>I'd say you have a pretty good chance. I got accepted and my gpa and act are around the same as yours; my class rank is quite higher though. You also have way more extracurriculars than i did, as all i had was track and cross country.</p>

<p>I assume that you applied to University of Maryland, its cheaper and easier to get accepted being instate. good luck</p>

<p>Well, UMD is showing a (negative) trend in that it is starting to accept a rediculous amount of out of state students(more tuition $ or something). So I'm kind of worried about that college, even though I am in state. Today I have just heard from PSU and was accepted.</p>

<p>I have been to the University of Maryland campus many times and noticed that every other student was not white. I have been to many other schools and there were relatively few blacks. The OSS have very little to do with why its hard to get into university of Maryland if you are white. If you believe that white people have more money then blacks then most people who are OSS are white because they are more likely to pay full tuition. If you are competing for a spot in state the bar is much higher because Maryland must reflect the racial makeup of the state. You have a better chance to get into University of Michigan. Good luck</p>

<p>I was accepted into UMD spring semester, so whatever. But I hope you are right about Michigan, cause I happened to apply there also. It would just give me more options on where to possibly go. I'm also starting to get nervous about UW now, I thought I was good for UMD, but if I'm not in there really, then anywhere else could really be up in the air, which is very unassuring.</p>