Chances as a transfer?

<p>had a 3.3-3.4 gpa in a large public highschool in NY (So about a 88-89) and SAT of 1160/1600 1810/2400
-Top 25% of my graduating class (650+students)
-president of my class for three consecutive years
-National Honor Society Member as well as active in a few other clubs
-Great recomendations from faculty and local church organization
-Lots and lots of community service hours(Given an award by a local legislator senior year as a recognition for community service.)
-Worked part time during junior and senior year.</p>

<p>Side note: during high school I went through some significant personal problems which i strongly believe prevented me from living up to my potential that I have those behind me, I know that my college grades are much more accurate of my true potential. </p>

<p>Attend a Community College near home I have my gpa up to a 3.83
-Elected to serve as a Student Government officer for my second year at CC.
-Active member of the political science club (My intended major)
-Work 24-30hours a week part time and continue to volunteer</p>

<p>So first off, could i get into Maryland as a junior transfer student? Should I explain my high school situation with the admissions people (not as an excuse but more an explanation) and anyone with info about transfer students at Maryland that can share would be appreciated! Thanks</p>

<p>From the few people who've come back to report on the transfer admittances, it appears that they pretty much just look at your undergraduate experience and GRADES from your previous school. There's no need to go into discussion of high school--it's old news. There are lots of reasons why people come out of high school with less than stellar grades, and they are much more interested on whether you turned the corner and started anew in college. It looks like you have--congratulations. I think you have a reasonable chance.</p>