Chances at 6-Year Pharmacy Schools

<p>My stats:</p>


<p>*Biology - A-
*Geometry - A-
*English 1 - A
*World Studies - A
German 1 - A
Art 1 - A
Creative Writing - A</p>

<p>Sophomore...(grading system changed)</p>

<p>*Chemistry - 98
*Algebra 2 - 94
*English 2 - 95
*US History 1 - 97
German 2 - 99
Women's Studies - 95
Photography - 98</p>


<p>*<em>Chemistry - 96 - 5 on the exam
*</em>US History - 90 - 4 on the exam
**Government & Politics - 91 - 5 on the US exam/did not take Comparative
*Physics - 97
*Precalculus - 88
*English 3 - 92</p>

<p>Senior...(with estimated 1st quarter grades)</p>

<p>*<em>Biology - 100
*</em>Calculus AB - 97
*<em>English - 98
*</em>European History - 87
French 1 - 100
Keyboard - 100</p>

<li>denotes Honors
** denotes AP</li>

<p>Class Rank: 5/259
Weighted GPA: 99.0</p>

<p>Notoriously intelligent school w/ many kids going to schools like Stevens and RPI for engineering</p>

Math: 700
CR: 690
Writing: 740</p>

<p>No SAT II's</p>

Varsity Fencing, Sabre Captain
Gay Straight Alliance, Founder/President
National Honor Society
Academic Team</p>

<p>Volunteer Work:
American Foundation for AIDS Research, Community Fundraiser
Interfaith Homeless Shelters, Children's Tutor
Women Healthcare and Counseling Center
Local Public Library</p>

Banana Republic</p>

HS Honor Awards
AP Scholar
PSAT Commended Scholar</p>

Columbia University HS Program - American Thought & the Pragmatist Tradition</p>

<p>Applied to:
St. John's</p>

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Long Island University
University of Sciences in Philadelphia
University of Rhode Island</p>

<p>I also need a lot of financial aid if I don't get into Rutgers (I live in NJ so money's no problem at Rutgers). How's the financial aid/scholarships at those other schools, if you happen to know?</p>

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