chances at 7 or 8 yr med programs

<p>Can anyone evaluate my stats and let me know your honest opinion of my chances at any of the 7 or 8 yrs BS/Md programs. Will you also name the programs that I might qualify and should apply. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>SAT : 2170( V=690, M=780, W=700, essay=9 )
SAT II : MIIC=800, Chem=740, Bio(m)=800
AP : Bio and Chem = 5
GPA : 4.35(w)
EC : Member of: NHS, Span Hon Soc, Interact, Mod UN,(I do not hold any office positions)
Dancer(10 yrs), Volunteer at senior citizen facility, Done few fund raisers
Varsity Golf(3 yrs)
Won few awards
I would have taken many Hons and 5 AP( Bio, Chem, Span, Calc BC, Stat) by the time I graduate.
I took SAT I only once(last December) should I take it again this October??

<p>i don't think you need to take the SAT again.</p>

<p>Please read my reply to the "A few important questions" thread on this forum, much of it applies to you as you do not appear to have any EC's that would demonstrate a passion and dedication to medicine.</p>

I'm a rising undergrad junior in the Case PPSP program. I had similar SAT's, 2200 total - with my SAT 2 writing score, 730 - Molecular Bio, 800 Math 2C and got interviews at RPI/AMC, Rochester and Case. I declined the RPI interview, got rejected from REMS and was accepted to Case. I had some more experience medically - volunteer residential camp counselor for children/teens with spina bifida, shadowing physicians, some research, summer science programs etc. The physician shadowing you could certainly still do and was something I talked about during my interviews. I would suggest that you do what you can to increase your medical exposure, become an officer if possible in the clubs and then apply to a few programs that you feel are a good fit for yourself. Some programs have an in-state preference so it's a good thing to check on. If you have any specific questions that you think I might be able to answer feel free to PM me.</p>


<pre><code> Is it true that the Case PPSP undergrad phase can be finished in 3 or 4 years? Thanks

<p>^ I'm not familiar with Case's program but usually when a combined degree program is 7 years the undergrad phase is 3 years, and when it's 8 years the undergrad takes 4 years.</p>

<p>It is possible to finish the undergrad phase in 3 years, particularly if you're coming in with a lot of AP/IB credit. However, your position in the medical school is guaranteed after 4 years of undergrad, you have to apply, minus the mcats if you want to go a year early and the medical school gets to decide whether or not they'll take you a year early. Usually they do it's just not guaranteed. If they don't take you you can just do research or do study abroad, get a masters or something for a year and then you have your spot. I'm doing a BS degree and I wanted time to study abroad so I'm doing the 4 years of undergrad. The cool thing about starting a year early is that you can apply some of your undergrad scholarships to your first year of medical school. Typically people getting into PPSP get Presidential/Trustee scholarships that are 20-24k/year so that's a big help for the first year of med school if you start early.</p>

<p>"Will you also name the programs that I might qualify and should apply"</p>

<p>The ones you like. :]</p>

<p>^ I couldn't agree more :)</p>

<p>Could somebody evaluate my stats and tell which bs/md programs I could apply to or even have a chance of getting in:
SAT I : 2060 M:700 V:690 W:670
Sat II : taking them nov. 4 bio, math
Im in the IB program and am takin a couple AP classes, also take dual enroll
GPA: 4.73
Academic Team - Team member (trivia) 2
Math Team - Calculus Team member (math competions) 2
Key Club - Parliamentarian (voluntter oranization) 2
SADD (students against dangerous decisions) - Secretary (volunteer organization) 2
FPIA Volleyball Team - Team member (volleyball) 10
FPIA Cricket Team – Team member (cricket) 5
Beta Club - Parliamentarian (volunteer projects) 1
National Honors Society - March of Dimes 1
Hospice Volunteer - Volunteer 1
Red Cross Volunteer 1
Library Volunteer
Physician Shadowing
Science Fair - 2nd Place Regionals
Dean's List - IRCC
Attendance Certificate
American Mathematics Competition
Oustanding Grade Point Average
Congressional Award - Bronze Medal
Black Belt in tae kwon do
Pharmacist shadowing
Camp counselor
cultural youth programs</p>

<p>The Drexel programs, Temple, but thats even pushing it, break atleast 2100 to stand a solid chance.</p>

<p>How many kids are accepted at the Case PPSP for medicine? How hard is it to get into?</p>

<p>Sis you're good.</p>

<p>Mun, SAT needs to be raised. try for 2100 at least. It's easier than you think. I got a 2020 the first time and raised it over 150 points the second time by focusing on my trouble areas.</p>

<p>can someone please let me know my chances with these stats:
5.01 gpa weighted and 3.86 UW
IB diploma candidate
13/527 in one of the top 20 high schools in the nation
1340/1600 SAT
1940/2400 SAT (this should go up to about 2100 in november)
SAT II's in october (which one's do I need to take?) (I can probably do extremely well in math, chem, and bio)</p>

Vice President of Science Honors Society (Excaliber)
200+ hours volunteering in the hospital (with 125+ in the ER)
300+ volunteer hours in other places besides the hospital
Odyssey of the Mind- since 9th grade and placed every year
Science Olympiad- 4 medals at regionals
I also joined other clubs such as Chess club, NHS, Math honors society, and many others
President of 3 other school honors clubs
Entering Siemens
academic awards in physics and chemistry</p>

<p>i'll greatly appreciate it if you give me an honest opinion. thanks</p>

<p>yeah I went from a 1970 to a 2160 on the SAT, so it's easy to improve. How many seats are there for Case PPSP Medicine?</p>

<p>rd31- how exactly did you go about studying the second time for the SAT to get a score increase of that much? Should I do some problems every day until SAT test date or what can I do?</p>

<p>How many seats are there for the Case PPSP medicine?</p>

<p>md4me - I did the SAT question of the day each day, I used's word of the day [sends a new word to u in ur email everyday], and I took practice sections for subjects I was weak in; I NEVER took an entire test in one sitting at home, I just did individual sections.</p>

<p>thanks a lot rd31!</p>

<p>This question doesn't really fit in this thread but do ec's count if you aren't in them for your high school years. i enjoyed doing them, but decided to stop for a while to study.</p>