Chances at a Direct Entry Nursing School?

<p>Hey everyone.</p>

<p>I want to entry the Army as a Nurse, and yes, I'm a guy. I'm intelligent and work very hard, but I am by no means a natural know-it-all genius like some kids on here. I'm a real nice guy, and a good leader. By the way, I live in Michigan.</p>

<p>3.85 GPA with Honors and AP courses
26 ACT (Retaking, hopefully for a 28 or 29. My science and math were only a 23 o_0)
Varsity Cross-Country, Soccer, and Track
A top trumpet player in my state
Student Council, and Secretary of my class

<p>But enough of the stupid stats. I really want to get into a direct entry nursing program. Do you know any programs that I have a shot at? What can I do to up my chances at some schools? I would absolutely LOVE to go to Michigan. But where do you think I have a shot at? And again, what can I improve to get in?</p>

<p>Even with your ACT score of 26 I believe you will be able to get into a high quality direct entry University Nursing Program. The rest of your stats/data are outstanding. If you can get it up to 28-30 you might even be able to get into Michigan (especially being in state). Even at 26 you still probably have at least a shot at UM. I would suggest, if possible, to try to get into some volunteer work in the healthcare field (hospital/clinic etc.). This would increase your chances. Make sure you take a full course load (5 courses) both semesters of your Sr. year with as many honors/AP classes as possible. Also check with the military-they also might have some suggestions for you.</p>

<p>I probably will get some grief for saying this but I suspect being a male will also increase your chances. Most major universities, in their admission process, also put a focus on "diversity" as a factor in admission decisions. Most, if not all, nursing programs are still predominately female in make-up and it is my understsnding that there is an interest in addressing this sex imbalance. My D graduated with her BSN from the University of Delaware last year. In her class of around 135 students there were less than 10 males. Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm really hoping I can get that ACT up, even just a point or so, and the volunteer advice is great. Next year I'm taking 4 AP's (AP Bio, Chem, Psychology, Lit), precalc, and my fourth year of band. </p>

<p>Thanks so much for the advice, I really really appreciate it.</p>

<p>I'd check out the following thread:
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If you were really committed to becoming a Physician you might check out the following, but that guy has a 30 ACT:
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How did you manage to lose points off of your ACT score "as time passes"?</p>

<p>Watch that video clip again little buddy :)</p>

What video?
4 point reduction in an ACT score is HUGE! How's the credibility?</p>