Chances at a mix of schools

<p>I just had a meeting with my guidance counselor the other day, who had some very interesting opinions about where I would be accepted. Optimistic to say the least. </p>

<p>My schools:
College of the Holy Cross
Columbia University
Dartmouth College
Haverford College
New York University
Princeton University ED
Swarthmore College
University of Pennsylvania
Wesleyan University</p>

<p>My (brief) stats:
1450 SAT (800 V, 650 M)
97% GPA = 4.0
5 or 9 / 121 (weighted rank)</p>

<p>More in depth things here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Always open to suggestions, too.</p>

<p>I will be very, very honest with you,</p>

<p>Princeton - Deferred
Holy Cross - In
Columbia - good chance
Dartmouth - good chance
Harverford - very good chance
NYU - Very, very good chance
Swarthmore - not so much, but still good chance
Penn - RD? Maybe not so much
Wesleyan - very good chance</p>

<p>Thanks for the opinion. What in your mind constitutes a good chance? I'm wondering.</p>

<p>Princeton - Sent to second round, then, I have not a clue.</p>

<p>College of the Holy Cross - Hrmm. In.
Columbia University - Ehh.. I'll pass on this one.
Dartmouth College - Pretty steady shot
Haverford College - Good shot
New York University - Good shot
Swarthmore College - Hrmm. I'll pass on this one.
University of Pennsylvania - Hrmm. I'll pass on this one.
Wesleyan University - Good chance.</p>

<p>What constitutes good for me? 50% or more shot of getting in.</p>

<p>So, would it be safe to think that I would probably get into at least one out of Haverford, Wesleyan, and NYU? What about Vassar? My guidance counselor sort of wants me to apply.</p>

<p>NYU is in for sure. You might want to have another safety though. Vassar would be a good safety.</p>

<p>You should have a good shot at Vassar, they are still "girl rich" and are trying to recruit guys. They may well have a good comparative literature dept., that's probably where the GC thought you would fit - check it out, its more artsy than the others on your list.</p>

<p>It's good to hear that everyone seems to think that I would have a good shot at Vassar. I very well may add that to the list and take Columbia off. I already feel strange applying to so many school when most of my friends are doing four, tops. I definitely don't need to inflate my list further.</p>