Chances at Acceptance into Stanford?

<p>Alright so I'll try to remember as much as I can of what I do...</p>

<p>Currently a Junior attending Oliver Amers High School in Massachusetts</p>

<p>GPA: 4.425 weighted
3.925 unweighted </p>

<p>Rank: Top 5%, Not sure of actual rank (last time I checked I was 11th/289)</p>

<p>SAT: 2210: Took them one time, but can take them again
710- CR, 730- Math, 770- Writing</p>

<p>Course Load:</p>

<p>Sophomore: Spanish 3H - A+, Literary Types and Themes H - A, Algebra 2 H - A H, Gym (Requirement) - A+, Band / Chorus -A+,US History Pre-AP -A+, Bio H - A+</p>

<p>Junior: Spanish 4H, AP US History, Pre-Calc H, Band/Chorus, Chem H, Anatomy, Pre-AP English (Grades not finalized yet, but all As and A+s)</p>

<p>Senior: AP English Lit, AP BC Calc, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Microeconomics, Band / Chorus</p>


<p>Indoor Track (4 Years):
- Varsity Runner all 4 years of high school
Junior Years Stats:
- Ranked 8th in the State (1st of non-seniors) and 4th in Division 2 in the 300m dash: 36.17
- Set the school record in the 300m and the 400m indoor, as well as 4x200 & Long Jump Relays
- Placed 37th in the 400m at Nationals overall, and 9th of all non-senior athletes
- Senior Captain </p>

<p>Outdoor Track (3 Years):
- Varsity Runner for the 3 years I participated (Soph, Junior, almost assuredly senior)
- League All-Star and Champion in the 400m
- School records in the 400m (49.75 so far) , Long Jump Relay, 4 x 100 Relay, and most likely the 1500m
- 1st in Division 2 in the 400m, 10th in the Long Jump
- Seeded 3rd at the All-State Championship (have yet to run it)
- Senior Captain </p>

- Member of the Freshman baseball team
- Starting center fielder, batted over .450</p>

<p>Chorus + Band (4+ Years)
- Soloist in choral concert Junior year, Soloist in band concert sophomore year
- Saxophone Section Leader</p>

<p>Jazz Band (4 Years)
- Saxophone Section Leader, Lead Alto (3 Years)
- I received the Outstanding Musicianship Award at the District Competition (Soph)
- Group: 3rd Place Finish at Berklee Jazz Festival, 2-time Gold Medal Winner at MAJE State Jazz Band Finals</p>

<p>Marching Band (5 Years)
- Saxophone Section Leader (3 Years)
- USSBA New England Champions of Division 2A
- Consistent 4 and 5 star groups at MICCA State Finals </p>

<p>Show Choir Pit Band (4 Years)
- Awarded Best Pit Band at FAME National Competition (as member of the group in 8th grade)
- Best Instrumental Ensemble all 4 years at Waltham Show Choir Festival, Shepherd Hill Show Choir Festival, and Lowell Show Choir Festival (the 3 main state competitions)
- Have Played Saxophone and Piano in the ensemble </p>

<p>Show Choir (1 Year)
- Champions of the Lowell, Shepherd Hill, and Waltham Show Choir Festivals (soph year)</p>

<p>A Capella Group (4 Years)
- Senior Student Director / Advisor
- Arranged several pieces for the group in Soph, Junior, and Senior years
- Organized a regional workshop in order for surrounding groups to hear one another in a competition-free environment</p>

<p>Jazz Combo (4 Years)
- Performed at many regional events without monetary compensation
- Completely student-run and done for the benefit of the surrounding community
- Piano and Saxophone Player</p>

<p>Musical (3 Years)
- Sky Masterson (Lead Role) in Guys and Dolls sophomore year
- Perchick (A Main Role) in Fiddler on the Roof
- Will be participating senior year, and hopefully receiving another main role</p>

<p>State-Level Musical Acknowledgements:
- Member of the auditioned Southeastern Mass District Chorus soph, junior, and most likely senior year
-Member of the auditioned Massachusetts All-State Choral Ensemble in soph, junior, and most likely senior year
- Nominated for (most likely accepted into) the All-Eastern Coast Choral Ensemble
- Highest male underclassmen male audition score Junior year for District + All State groups</p>

<p>Member of National Honor Society and the Executive Board of the 2011 class (3 Years)</p>

<p>Community Service:
-100s of hours at local church: sing in the church choir, helped to paint new downstairs wing, counselor (without pay) at christian summer camps held at church</p>

<p>As far as the admissions essay goes, I pride myself in my writing ability. That along with my my knowledge of the sciences is my greatest attribute as a student.</p>

<p>So, how are my chances of being accepted into the extremely competitive Stanford University as either an undeclared, bioengineering, or Pre-Med (biology) major? (I will participate in musical ensembles as most likely a double major in a musical field as well) </p>

<p>All help is greatly appreciated</p>

<p>Well what you have ATM is a good core, though this'd be more impressive for a music major. Try gaining strong EC's related to science/medicine. Shadow a doctor, do some summer program, intern at a lab, volunteer at a hospital. They should see another 'EC Block' that's filled with medicine crap</p>

<p>Nevertheless, impressive. I'd say a reach, though SAT 2300 can give you a great bump. And kickass essays will DEFINATELY serve you WELL.</p>

<p>Everything about you looks fine, but please remember that Stamford is a reach for EVERYBODY.</p>

<p>Chances at Acceptance into Stanford?

<p>Its actually around 8%</p>

<p>You batted .450? You're in for sure.</p>

<p>Great focus on music! Someone in my school had similar stats with just as strong of a focus on music and not much else, and she got in! Having said that... Stanford can reject anybody. </p>

<p>SO be unqiue! :P</p>

<p>Chance back: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>



<p>Your qualified for Stanford. However, that still means acceptance is unlikely. This time last year I hated people who said this, but now I understand that they were right. HYPS really is a crap shot for just about everybody. You have a good chance at S but good is very relative. At the end of the day, ur still looking at about a 15%ish (its hard to quantify your odds at these top schools obviously = D) chance there.</p>

<p>Big time focus on music + athletics... Have you auditioned for any professors? Are the coaches interested in recruiting you?</p>